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Posted by fanzhou on May 23rd, 2016

Fireteam Atheon decided to take the fight even - to beat him using only melee attacks. You can see the test in the video above. buy dofus kamas It is completely impressive.Despite the fact that any player in Dofus Fireteam level is 31 or 32, taking into Atheon with just strikes outright, even with great skills, a difficult task. While it can be removed quickly when using strategies Dofus players straight arms originally by Bungie, it's still strong enough to destroy the Guardian dig one, if you get too close.

However, it does not seem to discourage these people, though, as they managed to remove Atheon in just a few minutes, without firing a shot in Fireteam user vampeta who have ideawho passes Nolskog on Redditposted team strategy to reddit. Fireteam and consists of four Bladedancers (Class Hunter), one of the remnants of the media (which captures the remains of the Atheon teleports them by Timestream or Mars or Venus) and the category of Titan with the blessing of light. With the right team in place, they were able to finish Atheon four teleports. okdofus.fr Here's strategy Nolskog Grace gave us enough light to fault tolerance to survive a period of one or trample Atheon Stomp Explosion +1 supplicant. In addition, staying close Atheon rarely filmed with lasers, animation Stomp deal, when he said he was going to stomp, so we had enough time to avoid it.

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