Future of PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

Posted by Deepak Bhardwaj on June 24th, 2022

Drugs and Formulation Marketing & Franchise based Pharma Companies are now putting their focus into introducing unique formulations in Super Speciality Segments. This is an strategic move to find new opportunities of sales for their newly launched products. The environment is changing and the change is bringing many diseases & health conditions.

Increased awareness among customers playing a mojor role in making health product choices. Various diet & health plans are introduced by Govt., Semi Govt. Ltd. & Pvt. Ltd. Companies to uplift the Healthcare & Lifestyle.Personalized Products & Marketing is the new trend in Pharma Industry to double the profit. Apart from very essential drugs, medicinal segments like Derma & Cosmetics, Gynae care, Nutrition & food Supplements are growing immensly year to year.PCD Pharma Franchise companies also offers various kind of medicines ranging from Derma cosmetic segment, Cardiac diabetic, gynecology, pediatric and more like critical care injection. Pharma Companies promote their offered products via channel partners called either a PCD (propaganda cum distributor) or Franchisee. These PCD Franchisee are the Pharma Professionals hold Drug License for distributing and marketing medicine at District or state level.Pharmaceutical Franchise

Pharma Franchise is a huge business industry & offers entrepreneurship opportunities to Dynamic Pharma Professionals, Stockists, and Distributors. Pharma franchise is no longer a new concept in the market; some big players also opted for this marketing strategy to reach the target audience faster yet in a cost-effective manner. Professionals working as PCD franchises hold a good share in the revenue of the company. 

PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution)

PCD and Pharma Franchise both work in the same process where a Pharma individual gets the marketing and distribution rights from a PCD Pharma company and the company provides products, brand name, and support to its franchise partner.

What Short of Products these Pharma Franchise Companies manufacture & Supply?

Pharma franchise Company in India offers a wide range of DCGI, FSSAI, WHO approved products & market its products strategically by appointing PCD Franchisee and grow its network. Pharma Companies empower their distributors, Territories or marketing PCD Franchisee with excellent promotional support, timely delivery & availability of products in different stores, Medicine Shop.Some of the specialties medicine now becoming general between 2010–2022 like Ayurvedic & Medicated Cosmetics, Multivitamins & Protein Powders, Dental Care & Mouth wash Products, Gynaec products, critical care medicines. Franchise based Pharma Companies works closely with its PCD Franchise & Other Channel & Marketing Partners to identifies the need & demand of customers. India has a huge population different price customers for same demand. Franchise based Monopoly Pharma Companies put their products strategically into the market to cater a segmented demand in large geographical area. Indian per capital spending medicine is increasing by 11–13% year to year between 2015–2022 & expected. The success of the Pharma Franchise companies depends on the launch its new drugs & formulations. 
PCD pharma franchise business also includes the work profiles of retailers as well as the chemists. The scale comprises of hospital pharmacy which covers the complete hospital area, pharmacy covers residential areas and township pharmacy includes housing complex and townships.There is a potential demand for Healthcare & Pharma Products & its increasing year to year. India stands among top suppliers of Medicine worldwide. India has the potential to become the world largest suppliers, Manufacturer, R&D Company for wide range of APIs, Formulations, generic Medicine across the world. Domestic Pharma market is growing exponentially. The demand for best quality Cardiac, Neuro, Gynecology, Derma & Cosmetics, Anti ineffective, Anti Diabetic is all time high.
  • The investment is genuine but the return of investment is positive. Many people have enjoyed this status of earning better through pharma franchise.
  • You can be your own boss and work with your own flexibility. The business is primarily a sales business where you market medicines and pharma products.
  • Opportunity to create strong network and assure financial securities for long term.

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