How Effectively Teen Drug Programs Works?

Posted by chirag on June 27th, 2022

Some people convince their friends and colleague by saying, not all drugs cause physical dependence, but all of them, even with minor use, have a detrimental effect on personality. It is appropriate to recall that mental dependence often develops even in the case of the use of such "light" drugs as marijuana. The use of marijuana is often accompanied by a weakening of the strong-willed qualities of the individual, loss of motivation: interest in what is happening in life is lost, the desire to work and study disappears, and a person does not care how he looks. A common symptom of marijuana use is a violation of short—term memory, and attention, which is associated with the death of nerve cells in certain areas of the brain.
Since the second half of the nineties, another addiction has been added to the list of bad habits of children and adolescents. According to Drug Rehabilitation For Teens, the number of registered drug addicts has increased. At the same time, there is a clear tendency for rejuvenation in narcological patients. Children aged eight to ten are involved in the first trials and experiments with drugs.

How do recognize an addict and what to do with them?

Among the common signs that indicate the beginning of the use of psychoactive substances by adolescents, experts call the following:
•    decreased interest in studying, usual hobbies;
•    the appearance of aloofness, emotional coldness towards others, the appearance of traits such as secrecy and deceitfulness is possible;
•    possible manifestations of aggressiveness, and irritability, alternating with periods of unnatural complacency;
•    the social circle mainly consists of older people;
•    the desire to borrow money, an increased interest in children from wealthy families, an annoying desire to make friends with them;
•    the presence of items such as syringes, small vials, bags made of cellophane or foil, plastic bags from sharply smelling substances, and the presence of a specific chemical odor from clothing and the mouth;
•    change in appetite — from complete absence to sharp increase, episodic nausea;
•    unreasonable constriction or dilation of the pupils;
•    the presence of traces of injections in the area of elbow bends, and forearms.

According to the Teen Drug Programs, if a parent suspects drug use by teenagers, the sequence of actions should be as follows:
•    At the first contact, it is advisable to avoid repression and any aggressive and condemnatory manifestations. Provide the teenager with sufficient information about the consequences of drug use. Indicate the inadmissibility of appearing at school in a state of drug intoxication and inform that in this case, the administration of the educational institution will act following the procedure established for such a situation.
•    Offer help to a teenager correctly and unobtrusively.
•    Not to disclose information about the adolescent's drug problems, as this may lead to loss of contact and other negative consequences for the teenager.
•    Have information about institutions providing drug treatment to minors. You should be especially aware of the possibilities of anonymous treatment.

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