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Posted by Azzure Couture on June 27th, 2022

If you have been invited to a wedding and you are not sure what you will wear, it can be very helpful to know the protocol. Some tips will help you dress for day or night weddings. You find inspiration in trends, comfortable styles, or elegant models. It isn't easy to choose the best option among so many possibilities and types of dresses. Couture dresses are now trendy in many royal functions and parties.

However, there are different guidelines for dressing at a wedding, and today you focus on those that refer to the time chosen for the ceremony.

How to dress for day weddings

You find thousands of possibilities for the perfect outfit for a daytime wedding. There are so many innovative, modern and stylish models that you can follow the protocol with the ideal look. Here are some basic recommendations:

• Before 6:00 p.m., women should wear a pantsuit or a knee-length dress, which are not excessively short for wedding celebrations. In general, a cocktail dress adapted to your figure is recommended. Only the godmother and special friends of the bride can go to a day wedding.

• In day weddings, it works to combine prints with plain shoes and accessories, moderating the look. Pastel or nude, jewel, and earth tones are also great options, as are most primary colours.

• Please don't choose the colour black. It's too sad. But do not choose white either. This is reserved for the bride's dress, even if it is not white. The main mission of the guest is to let the bride shine.

The fabrics should be light and vaporous in the summer or spring seasons. So you can choose couture dresses.

How to dress at night weddings

Although there are also many options, styles, and models, the truth are that the celebration of links at night dictates a more formal environment. Here are some helpful tips:

• At a wedding after 6:00 p.m., long dresses are the most appropriate. Jewel tones, navy or metallic, gold and silver are perfect for afternoon or evening celebrations. Black has become one of the most elegant options for night weddings.

• In spring and summer, more options are allowed with solid dresses and long suits. In colder seasons, darker tones are advisable.

• The bag must be a handbag. Perfect with motifs of sequins or rhinestones. However, it is always better with couture wedding dresses in plain tones in order not to fall into excess.

• At night weddings, you can use more elaborate and exquisite makeup. It emphasizes certain parts. For example, the eyes are more intensified, and you dare with strong and intense colour on the lips.

• There are other options between jacket suits with skirt and blazer, or straight pants and blazer. Even wearing a jumpsuit, combined with the right elements, can be an elegant choice for day and night weddings.

• The tie should not be missing. The first things to think about are the style of the suit and choose a balanced and sophisticated colour combination.

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