Investing in Outsourced Digital Marketing: How to Select the Right Partner

Posted by Nagaraj SEO on June 27th, 2022

Companies didn’t spend much on digital marketing in 2020 because of the COVID19 pandemic. However, in the post-pandemic era, the drastic increase in mobile usage among consumers is compelling firms to change this trend. Firms need to spend more on digital marketing to stay competitive. But, digital marketing is expensive. That’s why outsourced digital marketing is gaining a lot of popularity.

The Rise of Outsourced Digital marketing

The COVID19 pandemic triggered several behavioral changes in consumers. The new-age consumer prefers consuming content on digital platforms. Be it video streaming, online gaming, or shopping on eCommerce platforms – new-age consumers love using digital platforms. That means brands that want to reach out to these customers must adopt strong digital marketing strategies. 

• In 2021, global spending on digital marketing increased by 17% (from 2020) to reach a staggering sum of 9.29 billion. In 2022, that figure will increase by 13% to 1 billion.

• Why the extra focus on digital marketing? Well, digital marketing generates 50% more interactions with customers than traditional marketing techniques.

• In the B2B (business to business) industry, 50% of agencies already outsource their digital marketing responsibilities (in 2021). 

The process of outsourcing a firm’s digital marketing responsibilities is simple. Companies find third-party providers of outsourced digital marketing services. These experts perform digital marketing services on their clients’ behalves, helping them promote and grow their businesses. Outsourced tasks could include –

• Creating content (e.g., making animation videos or writing blogs)

• Designing PPC ads

• Creating social media posts,

• Creating lead magnets for the clients’ websites

• Launching and managing pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns

• Handling affiliate programs

• Developing and maintaining SEO strategies for the clients’ websites

These are some functions that providers of outsourced digital marketing services can serve as third-party partners. But, having the right experts implement strategic digital marketing strategies is very important.

Selecting the Right Outsourced Digital Marketing Partner

Outsourcing allows firms to partner with professionals who specialize in digital marketing. The right partner can take a company’s digital presence to the next level and help it generate digital leads. Here’s how firms should select long-term outsourced digital marketing partners –

• Industry Experience: Make sure the third-party professionals have industry-specific experience. A financial company should team up with a digital marketing company that has prior experience in the financial industry.

• KPIs: The outsourced digital marketing experts should clearly define their goals. They must clarify how they measure success. For instance, when launching a PPC ad campaign, the firm should establish clear benchmarks of success. They should also have contingency marketing plans in place in case their services fall short of expectations.

• Easy Onboarding: Setting up a long-distance work relationship is never easy. The outsourcing company should offer a streamlined onboarding process. From setting up communication channels to establishing monthly marketing goals – the firm should have a clear onboarding plan.

Final Take

Approximately 46% of all the money spent on marketing in 2021 went to digital marketing efforts. Brand leaders must ask themselves: can an outsourced digital marketing company help them cut their in-house marketing costs? If the answer is yes, they must use this guide to select and team up with the right offshore outsourcing digital marketing partner.

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