How California Became a Popular State for Rehab Program

Posted by Sania Baker on May 23rd, 2016

California is famous for its celebrity lifestyle and the rock and roll culture. But underneath all this glitz and glamour, substance abuse rears its ugly face time and again. It has spread among all strata of the society like a virus which needs to be treated upon with utmost urgency. California rehab centers have gained the image of a safe haven for recovering celebrities and music stars, who in order to escape the gaze of paparazzi come here in large numbers for their rehabilitation.

South California – Where It All Began

Within the state of California, South California is considered to be the Mecca of rehab centers. Over the past 20 years, dozens of good rehab facilities have set up base along the Malibu Coast. With its proximity to the sea and pleasant climate, South California rehab facilities offer the best possible treatment for high profile celebrities.

A recovering addict, when asked about his reason for choosing South California rehab Faculty, he said that when he knows that he is in a place that is comfortable and peaceful, it gives him a mental peace that his money is being well spent on the treatment. People from across the globe flock to the shores of California to get undergo treatment for their substance abuse issues.

The popularity of South California rehabs can somewhat be attributed to the association of high-profile patients like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Addicts seeking treatment come to South California rehab facilities in large numbers because of the trust they seem to place here and as well as a consistent rate of success. California can rightly consider itself at the forefront of all scientific innovations happening in the field of drugs and alcohol rehab.

Some of the reasons why California has become the preferred choice for drugs and alcohol addiction treatment are:-

A patient-focused approach: A good rehab centre will always put ‘patients’ first and have them as the focal point of attention. This is where South California rehab facilities have excelled.

Traditionalistic treatment plan gives way to a dynamic approach wherein patients are encouraged to explore their individuality, understand their strengths and weaknesses and build a shield against ‘substance’ from within.

Increased emphasis on community: Loneliness and isolation are two of the worst nightmares of an addict. The rehabs in California have begun to increasingly emphasize the importance of community and so, give ample opportunity to the patients to build their own little community through group activities and therapy sessions.

Specialized treatment: There are several rehab options available at different South California rehab centers for people with different needs. Some of the more popular ones include Christian rehab and women only rehabs

Christian rehab is the best option for those who want to re-establish a connection with their spirituality and faith during their rehab process.

The above-mentioned reasons show that the state of California is hands-down a cut above the rest when it comes to reputed rehabs such as California Recovery.

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