Here’s how an Orthodontist in Carlsbad, CA can help with teeth space maintenance

Posted by Meg Smith on June 28th, 2022

The front teeth are usually the first to erupt and hence, crowding usually occurs in the front teeth. This happens because the permanent teeth that erupt are larger than the primary front teeth and incisors. For some kids, their jaw grows out and compensates for the space that the larger permanent teeth require.

However, if the jaw does not grow sufficiently, it can result in crooked teeth and crowding. Hence, the right time to start taking your kids for regular appointments to a dentist is around the age when their first tooth falls off. Make sure to take your kids to a Carlsbad Children's Dentistry as pediatric dentists are specialists in treating children. 

Ways in which an Orthodontist can help with space maintenance

Earlier dentists resorted to teeth extraction for the correction of teeth crowding. However, thankfully, the dental industry has advanced since then and this is rarely necessary today. Modern orthodontists try to preserve leeway space for the permanent front teeth. Although the permanent front teeth are larger than milk teeth, the permanent molars are smaller than primary molars.

This allows for the preservation of space. This is done with the help of two main orthodontic appliances called space maintainers. You can visit an Orthodontist in Carlsbad, CA if you think that your child may need space maintainers. The following are the two major types of space maintainers: 

1.     Removable Space Maintainer 

A removable space maintainer is similar to a plastic retainer. It essentially used plastic to block the area of the missing tooth. For older children that are capable of following instructions, opting for a removable space maintainer would be recommended. However, if you think that your child’s thumb-sucking habit might interrupt the procedure then it is imperative to first get treatment for this habit. You can consult a Children’s Dentist in Carlsbad for the same. 

2.     Fixed Space Maintainers

As the name suggests, these cannot be removed. These are suggested for kids who are younger and incapable of following the instructions correctly. Fixed space maintainers come in several different designs. They are as follows: 

               i) Band-and-loop maintainer 

This is made of stainless steel wire. It is held in place with the help of a crown or a band attached to the tooth that is adjacent to the space that is empty. The wire gets attached either to the crown or the loop. It usually rests on the side of the tooth on the opposite side of the space. 

               ii) Lower Lingual Holding Arch 

A lower lingual holding arch is attached to the real lower molars with the help of metal bands that are fixed to the teeth using dental cement. There is a small metal wire in these bands which extends to the very front of the mouth and rests behind the front teeth. This prevents the molars from going forward and leaves enough space for permanent teeth to come in. 

               iii) Distal Shoe

This is recommended prior to the eruption of the first molar but after the loss of the second primary molar. Since the first molar has not erupted, it is not possible to place a band-and-loop space maintainer. A distal shoe is a metal wire that is inserted under the gum and this helps in keeping the space open. 


These are some ways in whichCarlsbad Orthodontics can help in the space maintenance of your kid’s teeth. Make sure that your child avoids sticky foods and encourage them to not tug or push the space maintainer with their tongue or fingers. Apart from this, also make sure that your kid follows their regular oral hygiene routine. 

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