How to improve your computer performance?

Posted by Avijit on August 18th, 2010

Are you frustrated about your computer?s performance? It is not giving you the desired result or taking a very long time to respond? Then start reading this article. Hope this article may help you.

There are some specific reasons for running your computer slow. Here are some points you
should consider ?

?    Virus, Spyware, Adware
Hopefully, this is the main reason of decrease your computer?s performance. Generally when
you install any suspicious software, or any warez the infection taking place. They install itself without your permission. It is suggested that, you must install latest anti-virus or anti-malware software and make sure that the software is updated. After installing the anti-virus or anti-malware make a complete and in-depth system scan. If the software found any infiltration or any virus / malware, delete it permanently.  There are lots of commercial and free anti-virus and anti-malware available on Internet. Some most popular free anti-virus is ? Avira Antivir, AVG, Avast and Commercial anti-viruses are ? Kaspersky,
G-Data and others.

?    Registry
Registry is a place where your Windows operating system entry all the installed
applications, installed extensions and many other sensitive system settings related
information. If your operating system is installed before years ago, and during this
period, you installed lots of software and other stuffs. Your operating system?s registry
keeps some of their information, like shareware or trialware or demo software version and
expiry information stored into registry even after Un- installation of the software. It is recommended that you must scan your registry for unused extensions and entries and remove them. It is a very difficult task for normal user,

because registry keeps all the sensitive information regarding your system settings, so it
is recommended that, you should use registry cleaner software like ? Little Registry
Cleaner. It is a open source registry cleaner has ability to fix the registry errors,
remove unwanted entries and backup registry.

?    Unused software
Unused software acquiring your hard disk space, registry and some times they try to run a
background process which may consume your RAM Processor speed. The best way to uninstall that software by using their own uninstaller. If their own uninstaller not available you
can use universal uninstallers like ? Revo Uninstaller.

?    Temporary files
Temporary files are another garbage elements, which consumes your hard disk space. They
generally creates when you performing some installation task or browsing Internet or even
process any video using your video editor. The best way to get rid of temporary files is, use CCleaner. It is a freeware application. Using this you can clean all kind of temporary files, in addition you can clean your registry and uninstall applications. It is all-in-one very powerful tool.

?    Performance tuning

If you are a Windows XP user, you can fine tune your operating system?s performance by
following those steps ? go to control panel > system >advanced>performance settings >
adjust the best performance.

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