IGI vs GIA Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

Posted by Arif on June 28th, 2022

If you're shopping for a tremendous diamond or a diamond engagement ring, a grading record from an unbiased diamond grading laboratory is vital as it offers you all of the statistics you want to understand approximately the best of your diamond. A diamond grading record, regularly known as a diamond certificate, isn`t an appraisal, so it doesn't consist of your diamond`s value.

It's an knowledgeable evaluation of a diamond`s precise best characteristics, referred to as the 4Cs: shadeation, readability, reduce and carat weight. Today, laboratories additionally affirm diamond origin, that is vital due to the fact jewelers regularly can`t inform if a diamond is mined or lab-grown with everyday gemological testing.

IGI Vs GIA Lab grown diamonds are graded withinside the equal manner as mined diamonds via means of the equal diamond grading laboratories. The main laboratories for diamond best grading are the International Gemological Institute, generally referred to as IGI, and the Gemological Institute of America, referred to as GIA. Because they may be the main labs, maximum of the licensed lab-grown diamonds which you see available in the marketplace may have grading reviews from this sort of lab.

But those labs don`t grade lab-grown diamonds (or mined diamonds) in the same manner. Diamond grading is opinion and there isn't one regular diamond grading widespread that defines what a G shadeation grade is or what a VS1 or VS2 readability grade appears like.

That's why it's vitally vital to recognize your diamond grading record. Diamond specialists don`t take into account lab reviews from exceptional labs to be the equal once they examine diamonds.

Here's what you want to understand: approximately searching for GIA licensed lab grown diamonds and IGI licensed lab diamonds on your engagement ring or different tremendous rings purchase.

Buying GIA Certified Lab-Grown Diamonds

There is a great cause why the GIA Diamond Grading Report has emerged as the benchmark for diamond certification across the globe. The GIA actually invented the diamond grading scale and people well-known 4Cs of diamond best. Since GIA is non-profit, customers understand they may get hold of the global`s maximum unbiased and correct evaluation in their diamonds.

In addition to certifying diamonds and gems, GIA is the global`s main gemological schooling institution. Over the path of its 85-plus years, the Institute has knowledge greater than 365,000 gem and jewelry specialists worldwide. 

 All of the alternative gemological laboratories use the grading machine evolved via way of means of GIA and feature gemologists and graders who've been knowledgeable via way of means of the GIA.

GIA`s lab grown diamond reviews first of all gave preferred tiers of diamond best as opposed to the ideal grades it makes use of for mined diamonds. 


GIA argued that due to the fact lab-grown diamonds aren't as rare, customers didn't want to understand precise qualities. This discrimination in opposition to lab-grown didn`t simply occur at GIA: diamond sellers voted to prohibit lab-grown diamonds from being traded in the most important on-line B2B diamond market too.

Buying IGI Certified Lab-Grown Diamonds 

IGI have become certainly considered one among the most important diamond grading laboratories withinside the global via way of means of offering all of the diamond certificates utilized by most important chain retailers. IGI created the credit score card diamond reviews utilized by many jewelers today.

 In 1981, IGI additionally brought diamond and jewelry appraisals. You won't see igi vs gia diamond grading reviews for the multimillion greenback diamonds at Sotheby's and Christie's auctions. But IGI grades loads of heaps of diamonds a year for the relaxation people as it gives a brief provider and fantastic value.

When GIA refused to exactly grade lab-grown diamonds, IGI stepped in and has become the global`s main grading laboratory for lab-grown diamonds. IGI`s lab-grown diamond grading reviews are precisely similar to its mined diamond grading reviews besides for an exceptional shadeation cover. It consists of a reduced best grade and a hard-replica record further to shadeation and readability grades. 

Because maximum lab-grown diamonds are bought with IGI grading reviews, shopping for IGI licensed lab diamonds gives you some other vital benefit. You`ll have a far higher choice of IGI licensed diamonds to pick out from.

This makes it a lot simpler to discover the precise size, form and best which you are searching for. You can without problems evaluate IGI licensed lab grown diamonds from exceptional jewelers understanding they had been graded withinside the equal manner from the equal laboratory.

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