The Best Virtual Desktops to Use in Accounting and Financial Services

Posted by vDesk.Works on June 28th, 2022

In the accounting and financial services industry, professionals need ways to share files with their colleagues while keeping their clients' data secure. Users also need ways to access their data while on the go. Therefore, cloud desktop computers are a valuable resource for accountants, bookkeepers, and financial analysts to use. When accounting and finance companies utilize cloud desktops, they provide increased security while allowing employees to access any accounting software at any time from any device. Cloud PC providers that can be used in the accounting and financial services industry are, Dizzion, Citrix, dinCloud, and Liquidware.

Overview of Virtual Desktops for Accounting and Financial Services


Accounting and financial professionals can easily adapt to their needs. One of the main benefits of using for accounting and financial services is that the cloud desktop computer offers hundreds of apps and services that are available to be downloaded to the desktop. is "cloud agnostic," which means that it can be used on any device. Also, using allows a user to access a Windows desktop while on an Apple device. Another benefit of using for accounting and finance is that it allows professionals to grant clients access to the virtual desktop for further collaboration. The ease of mobility allows accountants and financial analysts to process data and handle client concerns while on the go. The system backs up twice a day to ensure that all data is secure and none of it gets lost or corrupted.

Further security measures of include having multi-factor authentication. Also, can be used to simplify work processes, such as allowing professionals and clients to sign documents through the virtual desktop system electronically. Due to its scalability and range of features, is an excellent choice for accounting and finance organizations to use as a virtual desktop provider.

  1.      Dizzion

Dizzion is a virtual desktop provider with capabilities for the accounting and finance industry. One of the benefits of using Dizzion is its range of mobility. Another reason to use Dizzion is that it offers a wide range of customization options so accountants and bookkeepers can adjust the system to best suit the clients' needs. Dizzion's cloud desktops also offer endpoint solutions to users. With these endpoint solutions in place, professionals can spend more time with clients than on security concerns. Dizzion can also integrate with any legacy apps the company is already using. However, a downside of using Dizzion is that it lacks the function to allow users to adjust the internal clock.

  1.      Citrix

Citrix's cloud desktop computers can easily be scaled to be used in the accounting and financial services industry. One reason accounting and finance professionals should use Citrix is that the system allows for projects and files to be saved and synced across devices that have been granted access to the virtual desktop system. By using Citrix, accountants and financial analysts can share updates and collaborate with their clients. Centralization of this data makes it so that operations and management across the company are more streamlined. Another benefit of using Citrix is that the number of security measures makes sure that clients' financial data will not get hacked while stored in the system. However, a downside of using Citrix is that it has slow loading times.

  1.      dinCloud

Accounting and finance companies can use dinCloud's cloud PCs to assist in the security and stability of the organization. Some of the key benefits of using dinCloud include reduced maintenance costs and reduced infrastructure. Reducing the amount of infrastructure lets companies eliminate the hassle of paying for hardware and software updates. However, a downside of using dinCloud is that it lacks the mobility options of similar services such as

  1.      Liquidware

Liquidware is a virtual desktop provider that can provide cloud PC solutions to accounting and finance companies. One of the benefits of using Liquidware is its range of flexibility and scalability. Another benefit of using Liquidware for accounting and financial services is that professionals and clients are not locked into back-end systems and can instead integrate their existing software with the Liquidware system. However, a downside of using Liquidware is that it lacks multi-factor authentication.


In conclusion, cloud desktop computers are valuable tools for accounting and financial service companies to use. The benefits of cloud desktops include scalability, increased security, increased productivity, and the ability to share files and documents between employees and clients. is a cloud PC provider that can provide all of these features. For more information on how can benefit accounting and financial services, visit

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