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Posted by chirag on June 29th, 2022

Search engine optimization (i.e., Search Engine Optimization, in short: SEO) aims to make our website appear as high as possible on Google's organic, that is, normal, unpaid search results list for a given term or keyword. Why is that good? With the help of search engine optimization, we can reach the top of the search engine for a long time, taking advantage of the fact that SEO is an effective conversion generating tool. Most visitors to individual websites come through the search engine. Thus, search engine optimization is also an effort to improve visibility, with the help of which Google really becomes our friend.

In addition to organic search results, there are also paid ones, including PPC (that is, click-based) ads. The combination of organic search results and paid ads is what makes search engine Marketing (SEM, Search Engine Marketing). PPC ads may offer quick results, but they can be extremely expensive, and you need to plan with them continuously for long-term results. In contrast, the results of Best Lawyer Seo are long-lasting, but they can be achieved more slowly if proper work and optimization are performed. After reaching the desired search positions or organic traffic, it is usually enough to spend less to keep the level. Below we will review the components and steps of search engine optimization and see what the paths are!

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly an art, but with the right knowledge, it is far from impossible to implement it. A set of pre-defined, strategy-based steps. There are 3 main areas of search engine optimization: technical SEO, Content (on-page) SEO, and link building (off-page SEO).
1.    Technical SEO
Technical SEO is a separate field, this is the basis of both content-and Off-page SEO, so this is the first step of search engine optimization. It is thanks to technical SEO that the algorithm can recognize and crawl the page. Building it is therefore particularly important. Its essence lies in usability.
Technical SEO focuses on:
•    the Website is found by Google
•    the page loads quickly from any device
•    enhance user experience
•    be mobile friendly
•    and meet different needs.

Technical SEO is a part of search engine optimization that is relatively easy to influence. The technical settings can be easily checked independently (even during an SEO audit) using the free tools provided by the Google. They, in addition to assessing the technical characteristics, also make proposals to improve the results. The technical background of the page can be examined in more detail in the framework of an Attorney SEO Marketing, in which the indexing, redirection, encoding, URL errors and on-page duplications are examined.

2.    Content (on-page) SEO: internal search engine optimization

Content SEO focuses on the content of the website and its level of optimization. Creating relevant, quality content for a focus keyword is the easiest part of search engine optimization. With content, i.e. on-page SEO, we can get to the top of Google's search results list.

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