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Posted by chirag on June 29th, 2022

Off-page SEO is much more difficult to influence than the other elements of search engine optimization. The set of activities and factors that take place outside of our site still have a significant impact on it. External search engine optimization can take place after the on-page SEO is built. External links to the site increase the relevance of the website, and credibility also contributes to getting the most prominent place in the search engine. Off-page SEO, therefore, includes link building and other external reactions to the website.

In link building, outdated, non-quality methods are often resorted to, such as link placement on link farms or link sales on social media. However, in most cases, it does more harm than good, and in some cases, it is even penalized by Google. However, with smart and naturally built links by Website Marketing Packages, we can greatly increase the credibility of the site.

The link-building qualification includes, among other things, the:
•    backlinks, i.e. links from external sites and their number
•    backlink type: do follow or no follow
•    number of referring domains and Page credibility
•    the anchor text
•    and the growth rate of backlinks.

The goal of search engine optimization is therefore to make our website rank as high as possible on Google's organic search results list, thereby increasing the traffic to the page. Search engine optimization is one of the most versatile, effective, and easy-to-implement tools to increase your revenue. This Is How Google ranking works, the ranking criteria, of course, vary depending on which browser you are using. Google is the most used search engine worldwide 97% of users prefer it, so now let's take a closer look at how it works. Google performs the ranking by taking into account several (hundreds) factors, these aspects are not public, they can only be inferred. At the moment, the most important factors are content and links which are suggested by SEO Expert San Diego. One of the most well-known ranking criteria is PageRank, which is an algorithm for measuring the importance of websites. In recent times, the mobile-friendly display has also played an important role, and the measurement and evaluation of user behaviour are not negligible either.
Google's ranking is constantly changing, but according to experience, visitors click on the first 10 results most often, so, to be effective, we must constantly strive to make our page appear on the first page. Search engine optimization can take place in several ways, but its steps are the same in all cases. An SEO service usually starts with an SEO audit, which involves searching, using software, and manually checking how optimized a website is.
This is when the:

•    keyword analysis, i.e. to observe how the page ranks in the search results list for each keyword
•    content analysis, so the content of texts, headings, meta descriptions, etc. analysis
•    checking the presence and quality of External links to the site
•    measuring website speed
•    examining your social media presence and reviewing your web design

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