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Posted by Lucy Johnson on May 23rd, 2016

Nobody knows what the next moment has in store for them. You may have already planned for a lot of things in the future, but what are the chances that the world is going to remain the same? You must prepare first for survival than anything else. With the pace and the direction the world is moving in, it is not hard to predict what we will have to deal with in the not-so-distant future. Disasters, natural and manmade, will be a common phenomena – SHTF is just another way of expressing how difficult survival would become? Are you prepared for such situations? Do you have the right survival gear and tactics to protect yourself and your family? And even with the right survival gear and tactics, you can't be sure that you will be able to negotiate the storm unscathed.

When you will be hit by a disaster, panic will strike in and you will find it hard to even remember that you have a survival kit that you can use to get yourself out of it. This is where you need survival training to learn how to not panic in the first place, other things will take care of them. You can be the savior of not only your family, but all the other people in your neighborhood.

Team Infidel comes to you with a DVD and Survival Guide that features everything you need to know to safeguard your family and other people around you when all hell breaks loose. You could find yourself floating in the flood or be attacked by enemies (Of this world and extra terrestrial); you can't disregard the possibilities. The Driven DVD from Team Infidel features survival tactics, actions, and realistic training guide that will prove its worth in a disaster. The Survival Guide and DVD run parallel, with the former throwing more insights and suggestions about everything dealt with in the DVD.

What are you thinking about? SHTF situations are as true as anything else in the world. You have to get real and be prepared for whatever you may have to face in the near future. The real cost of the content available in Driven DVD and Survival Guide is 0, but it is available for purchase at a mere bargain price of .99. If you buy, you will also have the choice of signing-up for a free one month membership to the online version of the DVD and Survival Guide as well as a number of articles and webinars and not to mention discounts on Infidel Body Armor products, consultation, and tactical training. On the completion of one month free membership, you will have the option of becoming a paid member at .99 per month; however, it is your discretion whether you want to continue or not.

Are you prepared for disaster? Join Team Infidel as they guide you through SHTF situations and help you find a safe place for you and your family when anything of the life-threatening sort strikes.

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