How Do You Get the Dubai Health Authority License if a Medical Professional?

Posted by The DataFlow Group on June 29th, 2022

The Dubai Health Authority is responsible for overseeing the healthcare system in Dubai. Hence, all healthcare professionals who want to practice their profession and speciality in Dubai need to get a DHA license. The professional license is issued by the Health Regulation Department, which is a part of the Dubai Health Authority. All healthcare professionals applying to DHA need to first register with the authority and then understand the standard guidelines and Professional Qualification Requirements by DHA, verification of their credentials being one.

Who needs to apply for the DHA License?

Healthcare professionals who have the desired skills and qualifications in the healthcare industry and opt to practice in the UAE need to apply for a DHA license.

What is the process for getting a DHA License?

The process for obtaining the DHA license is clearly outlined and available on the DHA website.

The first step to obtaining the DHA license is to apply for a self-assessment. Once done, one needs to look at all the Professional Qualification Requirements and understand the licensing process. One of the most important steps that speeds up the process, is the verification of credentials - a mandatory step by the authority for all healthcare practionairres. The Verification Process for DHA is handled by DataFlow and is a mandatory requirement for professionals applying to DHA for their license.

How can DataFlow help with the Verification Process?

The DataFlow Group is a preferred partner to screen documents and credentials of professionals applying for the DHA license. The advanced screening process by DataFlow runs various employment and education checks to generate the Verification report for applicants. The report of an applicant is shared with the authority, also the applicant can download it at his/her end. With the help of these screenings and checks, DHA ensures that professionals joining to serve the healthcare community in the UAE are qualified, competent and genuine to practice their profession.


DataFlow is a global leader in the space of verification and background screening. DataFlow verification services empower the recruiting process of authorities, helping them find the right professionals to serve their communities. With the goal of protecting communities, DataFlow authenticates thousands of documents of professionals opting for or migrating to the UAE or other regions.

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