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Due to the rich returns, it can provide, the stock market has become a favourite among investors. But most investors lose money in this situation! To profit from the market, one requires a great deal of information and experience. Unfortunately, there isn't much coverage of this in university degree programs. The practical side is never addressed, even though it is discussed in theory.

This implies that one must either rely on their own practice, which also means burning a hole in their pocket, or rely on professional advising firms and pay them a fee for each trade or a percentage of the earnings. Through these two techniques, investors can gain experience, but expertise is never reached.

Kritesh Abhishek, the company's founder, has gained entry into the burgeoning field of financial education thanks to the success of Trade Brains. By launching a website that offers advanced trading webinars and stock market courses, the brain behind the firm that provides stock market research is now eager to impart information and skills. Take a closer look at FinGrad, a new platform for financial education that went live on April 12, 2022.

FinGrad “Unboxing Finance”

The online stock market education platform serves as a one-stop shop for all financial information needs. To fully comprehend the stock market, IPO, bonds, mutual funds, personal finance, insurance, and other important financial elements, one must study a variety of topics. The platform offers a wide range of courses to any interested employees. FinGrad provides its consumers with access to premium stock market seminars from industry professionals along with free trading training. As of its debut date, the portal included webinars run by more than 26 teachers and a total of 30 courses. CEO Kritesh Abhishek has teamed up with recognized market professionals that have extensive knowledge and expertise in the sector as well as highly skilled teachers.

Kritesh Abhishek, CEO & Founder of Trade Brains, responded to a question regarding the platform's core purpose by saying, "Every stock market enthusiast should educate themselves first before joining the market in order to appropriately invest or trade and generate reliable returns. We are attempting to promote financial literacy through FinGrad in a more thorough and practical manner by providing detailed courses and webinars, together with tests, evaluations, and certification.

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