Kenya Flour Bags High on Demand

Posted by PARTIK on May 23rd, 2016

The demand for paper bags is growing fast as environmental awareness about paper bags is rising and liking for plastic bags is declining. As a substitute for plastic bags, paper bags are expanding in white as well as brown colors.

The flour bags Nairobi are famous for use in carrying flour. Made of high-quality paper, they ensure safe and easy carrying of flour. Approved by flour mills, these flour bags sustain heavy weight. It has created a big industry with small, medium and large paper bag makers thriving by supplying to industrial customers worldwide.

There is heavy demand as mills have huge requirement in 1 and 2 kg flour bags. The manufacturers have products suited to all. These bags are made in high equipped machines to ensure high-quality. The acceptance of flour mills bags has made it easier for people to use it for other purpose as well.

As already known, adhesive tapes Nairobi is a big business. This strip of plastic or paper coated adhesives are used in holding different surfaces at a standard temperature. The market has many variants of adhesive tapes in commodity tapes and specialty tapes.

They are used in applications such as packaging, construction, beverages, automotive, electrical, electronics, and healthcare. Structurally, the adhesive tapes contain common paper, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride along with foam, glass cloth, woven and non-woven.

It must be mentioned is a big industry is coming up in Kenya manufacturing world class sickness bags known as sick sack, airsick bag, used for air passengers on board airplanes.

These bags supplied to airlines and ferry companies are for in battling motion sickness. They are used in collecting vomit and they owe the origin to Gilmore Schjeldahl of Northwest Orient Airlines, who invented it in 1949.
African entrepreneur Andrew Mupuya made global headlines for making mass production with high quality. Hundreds of dedicated paper bag manufacturers have sprouted.

As more governments are enforcing ban on polythene plastic bags big opportunities have emerged for bag businesses. The paper bag market is expanding at the rate of 40 percent per annum as sentiments against plastic bags are pervasive.

Another top use of these bags is brand promotion. Already top brands ranging from French label APC to Nike, have shown how to boost brand recall by using brown paper bags, Too many companies are embracing them as promotional merchandise.
Being quite handy they are great at the printing company name, logo, and contact details for promotions.

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