Why is The LED Light Industry Promising in Terms of Quality

Posted by Ledure Lightings on June 29th, 2022

Day by day, more customers are exposed to LED illumination. LED light sources have a long lifespan and are effective. To function securely and for a long time, LED lights must meet specific requirements. Before going on the market, LED light source bulbs and fixtures were tested. Customers purchase high-quality goods as a result.

The industry standard defect ratio for LED lighting is 3 percent. The defect ratio in many applications might reach 10%. This is due to insufficient, improper, or nonexistent testing of LED products by manufacturers before shipment. The early failure rate of LED lighting equipment is comparable to that of other consumer electronics goods. Manufacturers can find the flaws by conducting accurate tests prior to distribution.

LED Light Manufacturers in Noida make sure the quality is top-notch and is made according to the standards of the industry. The testing process of LED lighting devices consists of several steps, each with a high degree of importance.

Some of the quality checks done by the LED light manufacturers in Noida are:

1. Functional Test
A function test enables you to confirm that the LED lighting solutions are operating correctly. There is no extra equipment needed for this test. Lights are turned on and off by operators. controls the lighting condition and ensures adequate dimming. Any variation from the user guide or specification, as well as any functional issues, should be notified.

2. Durability Test
The product's features were quickly tested by the operator during the functional test. It must therefore be durable enough to withstand repeated use. The durability test, sometimes referred to as the functioning test, assesses how well lighting items perform over time. The light is left on for at least four hours at its highest setting by the operator. During this period, it checks for any malfunctions.

3. Light Test
Utilizing an integrated sphere, the brightness, color, and efficiency parameters of the light source were measured. The integrated sphere should be utilized with a spectroradiometer and analysis software. The lighting product was set on an integrated sphere by the operator, who then used a computer interface to view the results. Power use, power factor, light output, color temperature, and color rendering index are all included in the report.

4. Fatigue Test
Throughout the course of the product, keys, buttons, and other moving parts are used thousands of times. The effectiveness of functional parts' long-term durability is assessed using a fatigue test. Operators repeatedly press the button or key. It is determined if these features work if there are movable and collapsible components.

5. Electromagnetic Compliance Test
The purpose of the electromagnetic compliance (EMC) test is to ensure that a lighting product does not produce an excessive amount of electromagnetic interference while it is in use. Other electrical gadgets could suffer problems and harm from electromagnetic parasites. This test needs to be carried out in a quiet area, ideally in a dedicated EMC illumination test room. Although there are various EMC measuring standards, the requirements are generally the same.

6. Leak Test
The leak test establishes if the housing of lighting items is capable of shielding electrical components from dust and moisture. Leak-proof testing is necessary for the product to be long-lasting and electrically safe. the level of IP (Ingress Protection) found during the leak test. The degree is represented as IPXX, where the first digit denotes solids resistance and the second, liquids resistance. For indoor illumination, IP20 suffices. For outdoor lighting that expresses water resistance, IP65 is required.

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