How to Prepare Images for Laser Engraving?

Posted by maria vidal on June 30th, 2022

Laser engraving has a wide range of applications: it could be used to engrave the date on a memento object to remember an anniversary or special event, or it could be used to engrave medical equipment or upgraded vehicle parts which will resist the harshest circumstances.

Begin with a high-resolution image.

It's crucial to begin with just a high-resolution, high-quality picture when selecting a picture to laser engrave.

Perfection in Cropping

Beginning with a high-quality picture has the advantage of allowing you to crop it properly without making it appear bad.

Get rid of the background

This is a crucial step that may necessitate the usage of your image analysis software's cutting tool or Adobe expertise. Your picture may become lost in the backdrop if the background is not removed.

Change the picture between black and white and grayscale.

By cutting various lines at varied thicknesses for various figures of passes, laser cutting creates grayscale images organically.

You Have Complete Control Over How You Edit Your Picture

Now that we have a good idea about what the laser engraving will generate, we can begin making any changes that really are necessary to achieve the desired result. Image editing is a very personal experience.

Indexing by colour

If you don't want to dive into altering your photo, colour indexing is a technique you may use to help optimise the contrasts without trying to make any major changes on your own. You might wish to do colour indexing before changing the colour to grayscale if you intend to utilise it.

Export and Convert

Now the picture must be etched on the stainless steel, hardwood, or even other materials exactly the way you really want.

Activate the Red Button

After you've completed all of the hard work, the last and most enjoyable step has always been setting up the selections on the laser engraver and ultimately clicking "go."

Simply by following these simple methods, you'll be astounded at the image quality one can replicate on stainless, beech wood, or laminated. You also don't need to be a graphical whiz; in fact, it really doesn't matter what application you use as much as it can do the basic tasks listed previously.

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