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The engagement ring stands for the pledge of a marriage; it symbolizes devotion and commitment to the cherished mate. The shape of the ring formerly indicates its meaning it's indirect- without beginning and end and therefore it has become a universal sign of eternal love and fastness, perfection and perpetuity. Just like the perfect shape matters for a perfect ring a perfect size matters more!!

Gift your loved one a perfect ring with flawless design, shape, and size as perfect as your love is.

Methods to measure your ring size:

Looking for Ring size companion??? The spruce Shop, we impeccably understand that while shopping for a ring online you might be concerned about ring size. Or if the Ring doesn’t fit well or if you get the ring size wrong. You shouldn’t, we're then for you. We have got the Ring Size Chart to help you to determine the correct size. And if the ring you buy from us doesn't fit, we will change it to any size you want (See Our Exchange Policy). Thus relax, and find your ring with peace of mind. Our Ring size companion is accurate to transnational norms.

Ring size map

Do you want to know what your ring size is? There are different ways to fluently and snappily determine the correct ring size. The first system is to measure your ring, the alternate system is to measure your cutlet and the last simplest system is to measure ring size for the custom made engagement rings

Measure your ring to determine your ring size.

Take a well-befitting ring and measure the periphery of the inside of your ring. This is your ring size.

For illustration: Size 17 corresponds with a periphery of 17 mm.

If you do not have a well-fitted ring to determine the ring size you can measure your cutlet for the correct size


• Use a flexible measuring tape recording to measure the circumference of your finger. However, use a piece of paper or string, no thicker than 0, If you do not have a measuring tape recording.5 mm, and also measure the length of the paper/ string with a sovereign. This is the circumference of your cutlet

• Use the following ring size motor map below to determine your ring size. Look at circumference mm.

Tips to measure your ring size:

• Don't measure your fritters when they're cold. Also, your fritters are lower.

• It's also not accessible to measure your cutlet on a veritably hot summer day

• If your knuckles are veritably large, it's stylish to choose a larger size.

• Measure your fritters at the end of the day.

• Please note the ring size of each hand can be different.

• If the ring has a gravestone, it's important to measure the size as exact as possible else the ring will turn.

Our recommendation:

We recommend that you check the exact ring size in millimeters before ordering as there are numerous variations. You should also have your cutlet measured by a professional jeweler unless you have access to an accurate set of ring needles. For an approximate dimension, simply wrap a strip of paper around your cutlet, and measure the length in millimeters at the imbrications point.

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