When To Use Home Nursing Services?

Posted by Health Heal on July 2nd, 2022

The Home Nursing Services coordinates with the other health professionals working with the patient (doctor, physiotherapist, liberal IDE, etc.) and with the family. They keep a medical file on the person who benefits from their services and transmit the necessary information to each professional. They mainly work to help the elderly, the chronically ill, the disabled, or those with cognitive impairments by performing essential medical therapies in their clients' homes.

What is home nursing care?

During a recovery or in progress: Depending on the person's needs and his state of health, a home nurse will come to his client's home and provide him with the care he needs. Some elderly people and people with a loss of autonomy will need advanced health care services. The home nursing care most frequently offered to these people is:

• Medication administration

• Ostomy and Catheter Hygiene

• Blood pressure monitoring

• Wound care

• Diabetes monitoring and insulin injection

• The vaccination

• And others.

What are the benefits of hiring a home nurse?

Home nursing care offers peace of mind to people who need it and their loved ones. When care needs are full-time, a private nursing team can provide families with plenty of respites while allowing patients to feel comfortable and confident at home rather than in a healthcare facility.

Finally, hiring a private home nurse makes it possible to prevent medical complications and manage them through appropriate assessment, treatment, and follow-up of the sick person or person losing their autonomy.

What are the actions of the home nursing service?

Depending on their organization and the needs of the elderly person with loss of autonomy, the Home Nursing Services can intervene 7 days a week in the person's home and even come several times a day. In home nursing services can perform different types of care.

In particular, they are often called upon to perform the toilet or provide assistance with the bathroom. When the Home Nursing Services have nurses on their staff, nursing care can be provided (dressings, bedsore care, treatment preparation, injection, etc.)

Home improvement advice can also be offered to improve the patient's living conditions, facilitate the intervention of the family and friends with the patient, and optimize the working conditions of the staff working with the dependent person. In addition, they can alert the family and the doctor in the event of an anomaly (redness, state of confusion, pain communicated by the patient, etc.)

When to call for home nursing?

No one is truly prepared for a health problem, whether it's following surgery, a condition that deteriorates with age, or when palliative care is needed. When you or someone close to you is faced with a medical problem that affects your mobility, available care options include home hospitalization, staying in a care facility, or hiring a private home nurse.

If you or a loved one is in this situation, and it's difficult for you to travel to get critical medical care, it might be wise to seek Home Nursing Services at home.

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