Some Tips For Selecting Test Cases For Regression Testing

Posted by Fleek IT Solutions on July 4th, 2022

First of all, let us understand what Regression Testing is? Regression Testing Is the process of ensuring if the defect has not been found previously then with the help of this testing it can be captured before the change is moved to production. 

Now have a look at the tips for selecting test cases for regression testing which are as follows:

Select test cases where there are recent code changes or functional changes

Testers should concentrate on all those test cases when there are recent changes in code or functionality of the application and there are more chances of getting issues in these areas. A tester should maintain the history of functionality changes in order to identify test cases that can be used in the regression testing suite later on in the test case documentation. 

Select test cases that map to the business requirements 

The test case should be done on the business requirements and it should be ensured that the application functionality must work as per the software requirements specified by the customers. 

Select test cases in areas with frequent bugs/defects

In this, the software tester has to select the test cases in the areas in which there are frequent bugs or defects. Even with the small coding changes, there may be some areas where the software usually fails and there are more chances of getting multiple issues in these areas. 

Select test cases on criticality and impact of bug fixes

For the impacted functionalities, the testers can select the highest priority test cases if the critical and impact are low. 

The testers need to select all the test cases from high, medium, and low priority if the critical and impact of bug fixes is high. 

Select a sample of successful and failed test cases for Regression testing

The tester needs to select the test case which is passed or failed earlier during regression testing. When the test case is failed for a reason unrelated to the application functionality is called a failed test case. Some areas of applications are more prone to errors than they even fail even after making small code changes in the software. If the result of the test case is passed in the previous builds and failed on the current build then the regression test case is also considered as failed. 

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