What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Hangover Quickly?

Posted by michellumb55 on July 4th, 2022

There would be more difficulties if you drank a lot of alcohol. You would probably be suffering from severe headaches, dryness in your mouth and nausea. It happens to everyone, and why does it have to be that severe. Taking alcohol gives you much pleasure but tackling it the following day could be difficult.  

You should scientifically know why does hangover occurs and what the symptoms you have post consuming alcohol are. Here are the essential information and quick fix on how to cure a hangover. There are many methods to cure the hangover, but it is your choice to take up the one that suits you. 

  • Main causes of hangover

Have you ever noticed that not all the time after drinking alcohol, you face hangover problems? The leading cause of hangovers is the presence of congeners that are impurities in the alcohol. The hangover is just the result of depletion brought about by the chemical action of alcohol on your body system. The ethyl alcohol, scientifically named ethanol, makes you feel drunk. 

There are also other forms of alcohol, such as methyl, propyl, amyl, butyl, and isopropyl alcohols. These other forms of alcohol get mixed up with most drinks. Sometimes the presence of different alcohol kinds can be more or less. Your hangover depends on the concentration of these impurities, which so-called congeners determine. You should take up the best hangover cure after waking up. 

  • Alcohol with congeners

The clear white alcohol such as vodka, gin, and tequila have fewer congeners than the colored alcohols such as whisky, cognac, and brandy. The main difference is this clear alcohol is filtered while others are not. Acetaldehyde is another impurity that mainly gives you a nauseous feeling after consuming alcohol. It is a by-product of the natural oxidation of ethanol. It is the main factor contributing to the super headache one feels. You should know this stuff for determining how to cure a hangover.

  • Steps to cure hangovers?

There are many cures from the past, and it varies from place to place. Most of the cultures around the world seem to have their own. You can take up medications that result from exhaustive research and are popularly worldwide. The following are the benefits of eating bananas to cure hangovers. 

  1. They contain high volumes of fructose and potassium. You probably might lose loads of fructose and potassium when you drink. Eating bananas will help the proportion balance.
  2. Bananas are also a natural antacid to aid with nausea 
  3. Bananas are high in magnesium which can support relaxing those pounding blood vessels causing that hangover headache

One would not like to drink too much because of the hangover in the morning. More alcohol can give you more consequences of a hangover. You can follow the rules above to alleviate most of the symptoms. It is the best hangover cure available naturally without any adverse effects on your body. After feeling a little better, drink at least eight glasses of water. 

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