Benefits of Senior Care Services At Home

Posted by Health Heal on July 4th, 2022

In view of the life expectancy, which tends to lengthen with the progress of medicine, more and more elderly people are placed in retirement homes. However, many seniors today express the desire to stay in their homes until the end of their lives. Often, families are faced with a dilemma: opt for home support or retirement home.

What is home support?

Home care for seniors is a solution allowing an elderly person with a loss of autonomy to stay at home. This concept is then only possible if the person in question is helped by a third party to carry out daily tasks. Access to medical care at home to stay healthy is another imperative for the general well-being of the elderly person. Home care will only be possible if the following conditions are met:

• Material: carry out development work allowing people to stay at home without risk to the health or safety of the elderly person.

• Financial: benefit from social assistance, such as the personalized autonomy allowance (APA), to financial services and home care, but also work.

• Human: benefit from home help for medical care and daily activities.

It is important to analyze the situation carefully. On the other hand, if the conditions cannot be met, placing the elderly person in a retirement home will be more appropriate to ensure their comfort and safety.

The benefits of home care

While a Senior Care Center offers many amenities, staying at home also has several advantages. First of all, the elderly person can feel soothed and reassured to continue living at home. The risk of depression is higher in elderly people living in a collective accommodation establishment than at home. Moreover, home care is a less expensive option than a retirement home, even when adding up various costs such as the subscription to a remote assistance service, salaries for home helpers, a nurse, or a nursing assistant.

Another solution is available to you: therapy at home. This solution makes it possible to guarantee the same care as that provided in a collective accommodation establishment. This ensures dependent elderly people access to assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to a remote assistance system. For example, a fall detector can help ensure the safety of an elderly person from a distance.

To benefit from home care, calling an old age home or a private nurse is possible. The home nurse is also a state-certified nurse who works alone or in an office or other health professionals. The specialty of this type of professional is to provide home care to their patients, in particular, to allow the elderly to continue to live at home. The autonomy of the elderly is a concern that often requires special arrangements for Palliative Care at Home, Alzheimer Patient Care.

What also changes with the hospital environment?

While home care offers certain advantages, it should also be borne in mind that the context will not be the same as in a hospital environment. Indeed, at the hospital, cleanliness is at its maximum. When you lack autonomy, living in an environment where hygiene is not impeccable can sometimes be difficult. In addition, you should know that the home nurse does not provide the equipment necessary for care. It is up to the patient to go to the pharmacy with a medical prescription to obtain the necessary equipment.

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