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Posted by Dr. Hassan Elhais on July 4th, 2022

In late 2018, the UAE Government authorized Federal Law number 10 of the year 2018 on product safety so as to expand the nature of items. The Product Safety Law includes 21 Articles and applies to products that are planned for customers or sensibly prone to be utilized by them whether or not or not the merchandise are new, reconditioned or second hand. The Law characterizes a “product” as any item in definite structure that will be utilized by or made accessible to buyers in the UAE. Despite the fact that the UAE has had consumer protection enactment set up for a long time, this is the principal law that manages product safety.

The Cabinet issued Executive Regulations in July 2019 setting out further subtleties according to the pertinent methodology lay out in the new Product Safety Law. The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) oversees the implementation of the said Law, in a joint effort with UAE customs specialists and other pertinent neighborhood specialists. Legal Consultants of Dubai has laid down all relevant information about the Law in the said article for our readers to have complete information on this Law.

Under the new law, the products are to be reviewed on the off chance that they are seen as risky in nature for the consumers. A provider’s principle obligation is to guarantee that their items are securely coursed in the UAE. In the event, that an item gets risky during typical use, a provider must take medical estimates, for example, pulling back or reviewing the items from the commercial market.

All together for a product to be viewed as sheltered, providers must guarantee that their items agree to any appropriate measures gave by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), or by an outside controller properly affirmed by ESMA. In the event that no such principles are set up for a specific item, a hazard evaluation comparable to the item should be documented with ESMA. The individuals who violate the Product Safety Law might be liable to fines of up to AED 3 million and conceivably detainment. The law additionally allows the UAE courts to arrange the seizure or pulverization of blemished products, conclusion of the matter of the provider for up to six (6) months or the renouncement of the provider’s exchanging permit, all at a provider’s expense.

The Law will apply to any business members of the product flexibly fasten whose exercises identify with or influence the security of items produced inside or brought into the UAE, including makers, specialists, wholesalers, and merchants. The Product Safety Law sets out commitments of providers, application methods, and obligations of customs specialists to hinder the offer of rebellious items. Providers must guarantee that items set available are protected; take all vital preventive measures; to recognize any dangers or issues emerging from any product’s utilization to ensure product safety.

The Product Safety Law expresses that a guideline will be given by Ministers Cabinet to execute this law including measures for advertise reconnaissance, item reviews, and some other related issues.


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