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Posted by Oxford Veterinary Clinic on July 4th, 2022

Pets are undoubtedly an integral part of our families, so it is important to ensure their well-being. It can be overwhelming to choose an Oxford Vet Hospital, as there are so many options. There are some things you can do to help you choose the Best Vets in Oxford, MS, for your pet.


Most pet owners choose their veterinarian based on where it is located. This is logical since no one wants to have their cat or dog flea treated far away. If you are not in an area with many local clinics, there may be a variety of options.

Keep in mind that many practices have multiple branches. These branches may be different in size. You may need to go to a bigger branch if you live near one. Because large animal and equine practices can charge different rates for ‘zones,’ proximity is important.


Although it may seem obvious, it is vital that your vets are able to treat your pet. There are still mixed practices that can treat all types of animals. 

However, it is becoming more common for certain types of animals to be treated by practices. These can be divided into three categories:’ small animals’, ‘farm animals’, and’ equine. 

Some practices specialize in exotics. These practices often see small mammals, reptiles, and fish, but most small animal practices should see these species.

You may want to consider a mixed practice if you have many pets. This will allow your animals to all be registered at one vet. It is also possible to register your horse and cat at the same vet.


There are many sizes of veterinary practices. Some are small, with one vet. Others have multiple veterinarians working on the same premises. Some may have multiple branches spread across large offices. There are benefits to both. 

Larger practices might have more resources. A smaller practice may have more resources, but you might be more likely to meet a familiar face each time you visit.

Appointment times

There are many options for when different Oxford MS Vet offer appointments. While some Vets in Oxford will offer appointments on the weekends, evenings, and early mornings, others will have more traditional hours. 

While some surgeries offer drop-in clinics where appointments are not required, others have established clinic hours. It is useful to know when the surgery is open and what times they offer. Also, how to book an appointment.

Discounts, health clubs, and costs

While it is not an easy subject, pets can have a high financial cost. The cost of veterinary care will vary depending on where you live, how they are run, and what overheads they have. If you have any questions, a veterinarian should be able to give you prices for routine treatment. 

Many vets offer sign-up programs that allow you to pay a monthly fee and receive various benefits and offers. These may be very cost-effective if you visit the practice regularly.

Overnight care

Most pet health issues can be treated during regular business hours. However, it is very crucial to be able to access emergency help if a situation does arise. 

While all vets are legally required to provide emergency coverage, it doesn’t have to be provided at their own practice. Some veterinary practices may cover out-of-hours care, while your regular vets will be available for you if necessary. Other practices will either have night-working vets or use separate specialists.

Patients may also be admitted overnight by different practices. Large animal and equine practices usually cover their own night work but may team up with other practices or hire night vets.

Both have their pros and cons. It is a great option to have your pet seen by your local vet. They will also be familiar with the premises and staff. 

Additionally, they will have all of your pet’s records. Although it may seem disadvantageous to travel to see an emergency vet, it is important to note that these centers should be staffed with vets who are not working during the night and who have an interest in critical and emergency cases. The premises are usually large and well-equipped to handle emergencies. 

There will be a variety of veterinary practices that are open on weekends or bank holidays, whether they offer routine consultations, emergency consultations, or none at all.

Extra Services

Some veterinary practices offer additional services such as weight clinics, puppy socialization classes, or evening information talks. Other veterinary practices may have additional skills, such as a hydrotherapy unit or visiting an acupuncturist. 

When you have a pet that has a health problem, a first opinion vet may have additional qualifications and interests in these areas.


Referrals or word of mouth to find Vets in Oxford can be very helpful. It is a good idea to get the opinion of others who have a pet similar to yours. If you don’t know anyone with a similar pet to yours, it is worth checking online reviews.

Is it right?

Whatever bells and whistles are offered, the most important thing about choosing a veterinary clinic is to feel like it’s the right one for your pet and you. 

Sometimes the Best Vets in Oxford, MS is the ones you feel comfortable with. These points should be helpful in your search. You and your pet will find a practice that ‘clicks’ with you both.

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