Top 10 Metaverse Platforms to Watch Out in 2022

Posted by Marry Wilson on July 5th, 2022

The metaverse is expected to benefit humanity more and has the power to drastically alter the way things are now. This idea doesn't seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The metaverse will change in various ways as technology advances. Future predictions place its market value at trillion USD. Large market players began reorienting themselves toward the metaverse because of their high expectations for it.

Let's take a quick look at the top Metaverse platforms for the year 2022 in this article. There is no one setting that can adequately capture the metaverse. The use cases for the metaverse, even at this early level, are really incredible.

Let’s discuss the Top Metaverse Platforms 

  • Decentraland

Decentraland is thought to be the largest metaverse platform, with a market value of billion and a large global user base. The price of MANA has quickly increased due to the popularity of its native token among cryptocurrency investors. Another reason to be proud of Decentrland is that it was the first decentralised virtual reality to exist. A LAND smart contract on this platform allows users to buy and trade virtual worlds. The decentralised autonomous organisation is what it is termed (DAO).

Decentraland exclusively takes MANA tokens to buy LAND and all other accessories in the marketplace. Users can earn extra LAND by clicking on advertising and playing games, among other activities.

Blockchain: Ethereum

Native Token: MANA

Use Cases:

1. Applications

2. Curating Content

3. Advertisement

4. Collectibles

5. Socialize

  • Axie Infinity

Popular NFT gaming platform Axie Infinity still hasn't released its full version, but it's generating more buzz and users every day. The native token of Axie Infinity is called AXS, and it has recently outperformed all other metaverse tokens with a gain of roughly 2,840 percent. The Axie Infinity is built on Ethereum, just like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

It is intended to be an engaging Play to Earn game where players can engage in combat, purchase and trade in-game goods, and breed new avatars. According to statistics, it is the blockchain game with the largest revenue generation.

Blockchain Technology: Ethereum

Native Token: Axie

Functionalities supports in Axie Infinity

- Staking

- Farming

- Breeding

- Governance

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  • The Sandbox

The Sandbox may appear to be the second-largest Metaverse Platform, yet its native token outperformed MANA by 1,670 percent in terms of fundraising. A virtual environment that uses the DAO architecture is called Sandbox. Decentraland and Sandbox appear to have much of the same features and functions, however there are two key variations. SAND is the exclusive currency of The Sandbox. High transaction speed and cheap transaction price are encouraged by the distinct Polygon's layer.

Players can create their own avatars and monetise their gaming experiences on this platform. Players are permitted to generate digital assets as Non-Fungible Tokens in this environment, which they can then showcase in an NFT Marketplace to buy or sell in the future.

Native Token: SAND

Blockchain Technology: Ethereum.

Types Of Tokens in Sandbox Ecosystem

1. Sand

2. Asset

3. Land

4. Games

5. Gems

6. Catalysts

  • Star Atlas

A blockchain game with a space theme is called Star Atlas. It is regarded as a sizable multiplayer metaverse that offers a glimpse into the far future. The platform allows users to generate, buy, and sell NFTs. The Solana blockchain, which has a 50K transaction speed, is the foundation of Star Atlas. Given how quick and secure the blockchain network is, its low transaction speed of 0.00025 USD per transaction is most likely a result.

Native Token : ATLAS

Blockchain Technology: Solana

The platform's governance token is called POLIS. This token entitles its owners to take part in decision-making. There were two phases to the release of POLIS tokens. It is sold out in the first stage, and awards are given out with the tokens in the second stage.

  • Gala 

Gala is a blockchain-based gaming platform that was established in 2019 and allows users to trade in-game items within a certain time frame. They develop a novel strategy to promote players that is partially owned by players. It is anticipated that almost 26K NFTs have been sold out on this platform, which has an average user base of 1.3 million. Through DApp, users can take part in the game for free.

Native Token: GALA

Blockchain Technology: Ethereum

The platform's native token, GAlA, has a maximum supply of 50 billion and a current circulating supply of 7.5 billion.

Important Games at Gala

1. Town Star

2. Mirandus

3. Spider Tanks

4. Echoes of Empire.

  • Enjin

Enjin was initially introduced as an Ethereum ERC-20 coin, and then its protocols were altered to function as an in-game item. The native token of this marketplace, ENJ, is used to purchase and sell in-game goods. It now operates as a marketplace.

Native Token: ENJ

Blockchain : Ethereum

An Enjin Smart Wallet on the platform links everything together. Virtual goods worth close to 17 billion USD are benefited by Enjin Coins.

  • Metahero

MetaHero is a new platform where metaverse objects can be rotated and prominent 3D avatars of real people or objects using 3D scanning are created. In the meta hero universe, objects are scanned and avatars are created in the specially developed scanning chamber called Doha. This platform, which has partnerships with Crypto HERO and Wolf Studios, has a market worth of 494 million USD.

  • HighStreet

Highstreet is a rather intriguing software that makes use of the HIGH utility coin. With the help of this platform, online shopping is made simple. The platform has merged with a few additional retailers. The distinctive capability of this platform is the hybrid model. This means that it is a hybrid of virtual and physical models. This platform is used by many prestigious brands to promote their goods. The tech firm HTC has introduced this platform. This platform has raised roughly million as of the year 2021.


Just like Shiba Inu, Floki Inu is a type of meme coin, but it is created on Metaverse specifically for people looking for cryptocurrencies that are cheap. This project's epic slogan is to incorporate memes and real-world use cases. In the following years, Floko Inu is anticipated to release games and NFT marketplaces. The coin experienced a massive rise of 1331.53 percent in July 2021.

  • EPIK

The first metaverse project to claim that NFT will play a significant role is the EPIK. The native token of this platform is called EPIK, and it can be purchased on well-known exchangers including Pancakewap, Huobi, Uniswap, etc. This platform has a market value of roughly USD 62 million.

Final Words: 

I hope this article helped you learn more about the top metaverse services for 2022. There will undoubtedly be many more metaverse platforms created in the future. By supporting the technical and development requirements of your project, Suffescom Solutions INC, a top-ranking Metaverse Construction Company, can assist you in launching a Metaverse that is prepared for the future.  

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