Benefits of House Mold Inspection in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, FL

Posted by Anthony Lenard on July 5th, 2022

A home is a haven for a peaceful existence. Sadly, there are many problems experienced by the residents that prevent them from leading a comfortable life. Sure, one is free to go ahead and renovate an old, period home to ensure comfort. However, the big rooms with dark corners and damp walls may affect the home owner’s health adversely in the long run. It is advisable to request a house mold inspection in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, FL, to find such issues and take adequate measures to address them once and for all.

The importance of having an inspection done cannot be emphasized enough. It is beneficial to know that the professionals will not only discover the signs of mold infestation but also advise about the possibility of eliminating the dreaded molds along with the air-borne spores. Sure, most homeowners and their family members do not think of the presence of molds after being affected by health problems throughout the year. However, health experts, as well as builders, recommend connecting with a professional team to schedule an inspection when any of the following signs are visible:

Visible Growth- This is common in homes that are damp and contain dank, dingy corners. The obvious signs of mold on the floors, ceiling, walls, and inside the cupboards and/or drawers spell trouble. One cannot wish it away, though. It is essential to schedule an inspection to discover all mold-infested areas inside the home and adjoining it.

High Humidity- Molds thrive in a moist climate. One would have to keep the humidity in check, especially in areas prone to high humidity and moisture. Keeping the humidity in check is advantageous by addressing it when the thermostat indicates 60% humidity or more. One may have fans blowing at high speed within the damp area during summers. Having the property ventilated perfectly and employing a dehumidifier can address the problem to a great extent. One cannot be too careful and chance mold development indoors. Requesting an inspection just after the hot & humid summer month is over would be a wise decision.

Ill Health- One cannot afford to neglect the health either. Being plagued with respiratory issues, skin irritation, and allergic reactions is a sure shot sign of mold in the house. The mycotoxins present in black molds are deadly and may also affect one fatally. It is best to have an inspection done when ill health persists with no obvious explanation.

Musty Smell- A stale and musty smell that permeates one’s home may indicate mold growing unhindered. It is essential to check the bathroom, crawl spaces, attic, and basement for visible mold before asking for an inspection.

The release of harmful chemicals from stored products or using certain additives, gums, paints, and markers may seriously jeopardize one’s health. The Volatile Organic Compounds emitted can pose severe health hazards. It is essential to schedule VOC testing in Fort Myers and Longboat Key, FL, to ensure safety.

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