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Antimicrobial Testing Laboratory is a microbial science research center and it offers an extensive variety of testing capacities, which are performed by experienced and concentrated microbiologists. This research facility performs different item viability tests to help organizations, which make antimicrobial items. Clients gets genuinely necessary help from this research center, which incorporate planning basic confirmation of-idea screening tests to leading complicated, enormous scope GLP-agreeable examinations for FDA and EPA.

Numerous strategies can be utilized for testing antimicrobial articles, materials and surfaces. These techniques vary regarding similarity with the degree of normalization, aversion to antimicrobial movement and test material. To come by the exact outcome, you should utilize the best test technique. Administrations presented by an antimicrobial testing research center include:

* Disinfectants/Santizers

* Medical Devices

* Antimicrobial Surfaces

* Virucidal Disinfectants

* Preservatives

* Antimicrobial Devices


The testing lab can give a total EPA, ASTM, AOAC and other test techniques to help organizations, which produce germicidal synthetics. The lab is GLP consistent and EPA examined.

Clinical Devices

Legitimate antimicrobial testing is fundamental for forestalling contaminations. Clinical gadgets can be utilized antimicrobial specialists, so the testing research center can perform GLP antimicrobial adequacy reads up for supporting organizations.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

The quantity of research centers that test items against infections is extremely negligible in the US. Nonetheless, antimicrobial testing labs can keep a huge assortment of pathogenic infections for viability testing.

Virucidal Disinfectants

The quantity of research centers that test items against infections is extremely negligible in the US. Nonetheless, antimicrobial testing labs can keep a huge assortment of pathogenic infections for viability testing.


Additives can likewise be tried in this testing research center. By and large, additives guarantee the microbiological steadiness of beauty care products, cleaners and reagents. Testing labs can likewise embrace different additive test techniques.

Antimicrobial Devices

The testing lab can likewise perform antimicrobial gadget testing, which range from room UV sterilization gadgets to foggers.


Sanitizers and sanitizers are synthetic substances, which are utilized for inactivating microorganisms on lifeless surfaces. Sanitizers and anti-toxins are different however the two of them are utilized for killing microorganisms. The two of them are likewise thought to be as antimicrobial. Sanitizers can obliterate a large number of microorganisms, yet they are undependable to infuse or ingest. Then again, anti-toxins disturb at least one pieces of microorganisms and they are generally negligible poisonousness to body.

Most sanitizers contain various fixings, which incorporate cleansers, aromas and water. These rack steady, complete arrangements are called definitions. Most sanitizers are phenomenal cleaners too. The dynamic fixing is the synthetic that kills microorganisms. These sanitizers are utilized for killing microorganisms in your body. In such case, these are called cleaning agents. Dynamic fixings, that are utilized on hands, are called hand sanitizers. A few strong dynamic fixings are utilized in high fixation to disinfect clinical hardware like careful endoscopes, without heat. The plan, which disinfects clinical hardware is known as cold sterilants.

Lifeless surface sanitizers and sanitizers are controlled by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as pesticides. EPA thinks about organisms, parasites, infections and microorganisms as nuisances. The completed items should be tried for antimicrobial viability to decide how and where the item is expected to be utilized. Time span of usability, sturdiness and safeguarding difficulties are a few contemplations while choosing an antimicrobial testing research center for a particular industry or item. Consequently, you should be extremely cautious while choosing a research center for antimicrobial testing.

Microbial Science

Microbial science is a significant area of examination for the drug business. Microbial science becomes essential because of broad association of microorganisms in different illnesses. Therefore, advancement of immunizations to symptomatic clinical gadgets is straightforwardly or in a not entirely set in stone by microbiological studies.

Drug quality, wellbeing and adequacy are the main parts of microbiological testing of drug items. The presence of any pathogenic microbes, yeasts, molds or bacterial poisons delivered by microorganisms is completely managed microbial science testing research facilities to guarantee insignificant or zero gamble.


At the microbial science testing research centers at Precise Analytics Lab., we direct antimicrobial viability testing of drug items rigorously according to pharmacopeia rules and utilizing high-innovation assets. Our microbiological testing lab is exceptional with Clean Room Partition, Air Handling Unit, Laminar Air Flow, Biosafety Cabinet, Deep Freezer, from there, the sky is the limit, to perform extensive variety of microbiological testing.

Microbiological Testing of Food and Agricultural Products

In a world loaded up with microorganisms, species differing from valuable to unsafe to deadly for people, there are sufficient chances for food items to be polluted "from ranch to fork".

To guarantee security of food items, microbiological tests, for example, testing for microorganisms and deterioration creatures are required. Through this, the gamble of tainting under ordinary use conditions can be inspected and food contamination flare-ups can be forestalled. Testing of food items and fixings is significant along the entire store network as potential blemishes of items can happen at each phase of creation.

Our exceptional microbial science testing lab and very capable, experienced microbiologists guarantee exactness and dependability of results.

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