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Posted by EnergyLightBulbs on May 24th, 2016

Every homeowner has a responsibility to take care of our environment. The advent of energy saving bulb has reduced the power consumption and helped everyone to save on the electricity bills. Now the traditional light bulbs seem to fade from the modern homes and are getting replaced by energy saving bulbs. Cluster lamp bulbs, the colour changing LED bulbs and the dusk to dawn bulbs, top the shopping list of homeowners. Among the various popular options in lighting solution, mention must be made to CFLs, LED bulbs and light bulbs. Energy saving candle bulbs can add an element of romance in the home and also may set the perfect mood. It offers the right kind of lighting and illumination in the home.

The merits of energy saving candle bulbs

The energy saving candle bulb consumes 85% less energy and power when compared to conventional bulbs. It saves money as the bulb lasts 10 times more than the tradition bulbs. Being energy efficient, the bulbs emit less heat and casts less carbon footprints. So, you may use them in smaller spaces. As the candle bulbs are of the same kinds as traditional bulbs, you need not change the fixture. Thus, you attain a romantic ambience conveniently. Use them in place of real candles to eliminate the chance of fire. They can be used in homes with kids. When compared to the real candles, they are cost effective as LED candles will last for longer period. Energy saving bulb may cost more in the beginning but you may make a lot of savings in the long run as it lessens the power consumption dramatically. In the romantic lighting, the energy saving bulbs is a preferred choice. It can fabulously improve the ambience at home since you may avail them in a variety of colours and patterns. Candle bulbs imitating the candle flicker looks amazing. Use the candles bulbs in the wall sconces and chandeliers to offer an authentic look to the home.

Energy saving LED bulbs

When you talk about lighting efficiency, it is impossible to beat the energy efficiency of LED bulbs. The energy consumption is minimal and a single bulb can last for 1, 00000 hours. This comes around to 20 times more than the incandescent light. It is said that if the light is turned on and you do not put it off, a baby will finish his primary schooling till the bulb is off. Wherever light is required continuously and for hours, LED bulbs are preferred. 80% of the electricity consumed is turned to light and only 20% gets wasted when it is LED light. When sheer number of bulbs can increase the energy costs tremendously, it is an LED light which saves the bill.

CFL bulb: the most cost effective alternative

The compact fluorescent light bulbs are fluorescent bulb only but with greater energy efficiency. They are versatile when it comes to the application. The CFL bulb has mercury vapor in small amount that glows when the light is put on.

The development of sensor bulb is obviously the latest innovation. The bulb can read the daylight and reacts accordingly.

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