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Posted by Tanya Sharma on July 7th, 2022

Education is vital and life-changing. It is the basis of every child's future. Whatever a child will do or become in the future depends upon the education provided to him/her. However, here is the thing – Education is not just about acquiring knowledge (academics); it is much more than that! The goal of education is to offer information while learning how to utilize that information to solve problems. The objective is to ensure the overall development of children, and this is exactly where educational innovations become useful!

Educational innovations are all about creating radical reforms in the way of delivering education to students. Educational innovations have a big role to play in human development. If you see, it is innovation that has led to a better system of delivering education, raise overall productivity, and improve value chain interaction across various sectors of the economy. So today, in this article below, we, at Delhi Public School Kangra, one of the top CBSE schools in Kangra, will shed light on some of the major innovations in the education sector of India that are not only aiding the learning and teaching communities but are also paving the way for further developments. Read on.

  • Audio-Visual Learning

Most of the leading educational institutions in the country are now using Audio-Visual equipped classrooms, which boost learning and understanding of the subjects. This means that students can now learn difficult subjects like Chemistry, Maths, and Physics through graphical representations on smartboards.

AV facilities make learning interesting through the use of graphics, images, and puzzles. This, in turn, drives students' curiosity to explore and think out of the box. Most importantly, it provides students with a complete grasp of what they are learning. This is one of the key reasons why we, at DPS Kangra, ensure providing our pupils as well as our teachers with the best innovative resources to help ease the process.

  • Collaboration

In this globalized environment, collaboration is a necessary life skill. It's the driving force of all the enterprises established in the world. The best way to foster this skill in students is to encourage them to work in groups.

At DPS Kangra, we believe the seeds of a collaborative mind should be planted in young minds as early as possible as small kids can be easily motivated to create, plan, and organize group presentations, poems, stories, etc., and get to learn and absorb a great deal from them. The role of teachers is to help students in their plans, provide key points, supervise their work, and build a team spirit in children's minds. At our school, we have made collaborative projects an essential part of the curriculum. Teachers are trained to design their lessons to encourage group activities among students through class presentations, research works, etc.

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