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Posted by Tribe12org on July 7th, 2022

Abortion is one of the most crucial topics in USA politics. The decision to legalize abortion throughout the country by Supreme Court in 1973 made social activities active to evaluate Supreme Court nominees and political candidates. Many religious Christian Groups welcomed the anti-abortion cause. Even Most American Jews showed their support for legalized abortion. In a recent survey, 83 percent of Jewish Activism supports the legalized abortion process. 

Jewish Law's view on abortion

 It is only allowed when it is sure that the mother's life is not in danger. The Jewish Law does not permit sacrificing one's life to save the other. But the ancient rabbinic sources support the method of abortion if the life of the mother is in under threat also. Although the Jewish community witnessed different movements, the ancient and reform rabbinates have shown their support for keeping abortion legal and accessible. But other people did not support their thoughts. 

Is abortion mentioned in ancient sources?

The Torah, a religious text, does not point out the issue directly. There was a case in Exodus where two men were fighting and injured a pregnant woman. The incident caused her a miscarriage. The Jewish social justice will mark him to pay the compensation, where there was a high probability that he might pay his life for what he had done.

Jewish Law thinks that a fetus has the full right to take birth. 

View on Contraception

The Jewish Law is very strict about contraception. Any attempt to ruin the genesis order will cause a violation. However, in some cases, the orthodox authorities allow birth control and also import the value of the emotional side of a woman. But most of the time, orthodox couples are asked to consult with a rabbi to discuss their family planning. 

Vasectomy is strictly prohibited because it is a form of sterilization. Condoms are not allowed because they cause wasting of the male seed. 

Is there any political impact?

If you are finding the answer to if Jewish Groups are politically active on the issue of abortion or not, the straight answer is "Yes.". Before the court announced its decision, the rabbinic association asked for the "broad liberalization of abortion laws" and accurately mentioned cases of a mother's dangered mental health and pregnancies resulting from sexual crimes. The Jewish volunteering groups and other activists were present in different movements. The movements ran for several years while the Washington advocacy showed their activity against illegal abortion. 


Tribe12 has always engaged to upscale the living style of Jewish in Philadelphia. It does not support The illegal Judaism abortion in the community. Everyone should have a clear vision, whether political or contraception.  

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