How to Start a Sticker Design Business

Posted by Pratik Shah on July 7th, 2022

Starting a sticker design business is way easier than you think, and helps you gain more profit as well. You can start from the comfort of your house and gradually move to a bigger place. If you have a sticker design tool, then it helps a lot. It helps you digitize the process and also helps you gain customers from all over the world. This business is quite similar to an online label designer business. Keep reading further to know how to start a sticker design business.

  • Find Your Niche:

First and foremost, step to start a business is to find the niche. You need to find the right kind of customers. Because stickers are used everywhere by anyone and everyone. For someone who is interested in planning need these stickers to decorate their weekly or yearly planner. It helps them maintain important dates and complete their chores before the deadline. It helps maintain their to-do lists and responsibly manage all their chores on time. Also, planner freaks collect all kinds of stationary for their journals, which includes neat number stickers and also some stickers which highlights their individual personality as well. Like floral designs, or cars or cartoon character stickers or funny quotes, or a meme sticker.

Decorative stickers help your customers personalize their mugs, laptops, guitars, backpacks, bottles and so on. Also, stickers are used mostly to advertise, if you are a part of a band or a merch. It is one of the best ways to monetize your viewership’s. And if you have your sticker design tool then you can theme your own stickers and publish those.

  • Hire Designers:

You can hire designers that can help you form different designs. And if you have an online label designer tool, then you can hire your designers from across the globe and experiment with different styles, layouts, and designs. If you have software, then it helps to hire different kinds of designers for different types and patterns. Also, software allows you to store your designs in different formats, which helps your customers with high quality artwork. And it helps different designers to present their unique designs and sell them across the world.

Few things that your designers need to keep in their mind is that they need to make the designs clean and neat, so that more people can get attracted to it and most people like the designs which are simple yet add some value. Also, you need to give your designers their copyright on their designs so that the designs are not easily copied by other designers or by your competitors.

  • Sell Your Stickers Online:

The last thing which is most important is where to sell those stickers. You need to form your digital store or join some digital market that can help you initially with the customers, like Etsy or Shopify. Such ecommerce stores help you gain customers when you are just starting out in this business and later on you can have your own ecommerce store.

Selling includes drop shipping and properly delivering the product to the customers as well. You can print the stickers after you receive an order and ship it in the least time possible is what will help you gain maximum customers. If you have an online label designer tool then all the processes are automated, and thus reduces the turnaround time for your customers.


Somewhere you need a head start to start a sticker design business. You need guidance, because the industry is so huge that you cannot just floor everybody in the market. You need to follow these steps to get started and maintain good quality and deliver the products to your customers timely will help you stand in the marketplace. I hope this article has helped you narrow down the important steps required to start your own sticker design business.

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