How to Create Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Posted by Marry Wilson on July 7th, 2022

The idea of upgrading the virtual universe is at the heart of one of the most intriguing current trending topics, cryptocurrency. A few years ago, many individuals were skeptical about digital asset ownership. They didn't expect the world to become computerised. But the demand for digital tokens is increasing rapidly. People increasingly realise the value of investing in digital assets and currency. Cryptocurrency is the virtual asset or currency with the broadest audience and the most appeal. 

The sector continues to grow, and cryptocurrency holders are increasing in number. That's why Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. 

In the virtual world, cryptocurrencies are currently the most sought-after celebrity. The development of cryptocurrency exchanges is one of the most lucrative business opportunities. Let's explore how you create a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges have made it to the people's attention due to the expansion of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate the trading of digital assets, crypto derivatives, and fiat currencies by providing trading tools and instruments. 

A Cryptocurrency Exchange can be built in various ways, depending on your goals, the demands of your customers, and the technologies you plan to utilise.

Multiple Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

For example, a Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX) is similar to a Forex or Stock Trading system. The players look for opportunities to profit based on asset price variations at different periods. Additionally, it usually allows for trading non-speculative assets, futures, and other instruments. Any trader will be able to use CEX because of its recognizable structure. 

Forex platforms now provide instruments and products for crypto trading that are built on top of blockchains and other digital currencies. 

By matching buyers' and sellers' trade requests, OTC trading serves as an intermediary between the two parties. OTC platforms and brokers are not typically involved in trades directly. 

While it may appear simple to establish an OTC desk, risk management, security, and other critical system components must still be taken into consideration. 

An application or system known as a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) allows users to trade cryptocurrencies amongst themselves via a blockchain. Smart contracts from the appropriate crypto networks automatically handle trade proposals from one crypto asset to another. 

As the industry's most frequent type of cryptocurrency exchange platform, we'll now focus on the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development.

Steps to Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

The project stakeholders should construct and adhere to a defined project roadmap. It helps in building a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform. In order to keep the development process on track, you should follow the below steps: 

Market Research

Identify the most significant crypto trends that could attract more crypto users. It is a vital first step before beginning the development process. 

A thorough market study may help businesses determine the ideal moment to debut their exchange platform on the market. Also, the cryptocurrencies that they should list on the platform. 

Know the Legal Aspects

It's just as crucial to undertake market research as it is to look into local cryptocurrency laws. Examples include KYC policies in Europe, the Bank Security Act (BSA), the Travel Rule in the United States, and many others. It may necessitate additional security measures and authorization for cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Meanwhile, the use of cryptocurrencies and their trading is illegal in multiple countries. Businesses must ensure that the site they choose is not only legal but also crypto-friendly. 

Intuitive User Interface

A user-friendly interface is key for attracting and retaining customers, traders, and investors. The team of professionals must take into account the needs of all parties involved in the exchange process when designing user interfaces. 

If you're a broker or dealer, you need a trading administration space where you can set up and manage trading settings. It includes trading accounts, communication channels with customers, and other setups. The new traders should seriously consider these things.

Laying Out Platform Architecture

When developing a crypto trading platform, choosing the correct architecture is critical. There are multiple architectures like monolithic, microservices, and other forms of architecture. 

Front-Back end code and configuration files are included in a vast codebase when using monolithic architecture. It is much easier to design and deploy monoliths. More importantly, it's much simpler to test them.  

On the other hand, Microservices architecture is a codebase divided into discrete modules merged into a single digital product. Many crypto developers prefer microservice design because of its features such as:

  • Scalability.

  • Ease of adding or removing new technologies.

  • Add or remove additional technologies.

Choose the Right Technology Stack

Businesses must carefully select the technology stack they want to utilise to establish a crypto exchange. If you're launching a cryptocurrency exchange, you'll need to choose the correct technologies and tools for the front and back end of the platform, as well as the suitable databases, storage solutions, and connectors. 

Conduct Thorough Testing

Another way to improve the security of data and configuration is through product testing. All software developers should do white-box and penetration tests for their project's implementation. 

Software testing techniques will verify that the final product has no critical or significant defects, resulting in a better platform and more excellent user protection. 

Additional Support and Maintenance 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Configure tools and methods for infrastructure monitoring, anomaly detection, DDoS protection, alerting, and incident management. It ensures the high availability of Cryptocurrency Exchange services. 

All systems and software environments should use best practices to ensure redundancy, scalability, and security. It includes those necessary for development and delivery.

How to Choose the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services?

You can rely on the internet to help you identify the best cryptocurrency exchange development company. You may get the greatest possible customer experience and quality service from your solution provider with some knowledge of what to expect. 

  • Take into consideration the track record of the company before signing up. Check out the company's history to be sure about its legitimacy. 

  • After that, you'll want to check out their track record of building effective virtual platforms. Evaluate the quality of their virtual platform if one has already been created. 

  • Talk with their previous clients to learn more about the company's offerings and the platform's quality. 

  • Check out the feedback and reviews posted by prior clients to learn more about the organisation and its capabilities. 

  • Ask about the professional's experience and past projects to learn more about the company to which you will entrust your project. 

  • Please make sure that they can identify the core cause of a problem. Then, come up with relevant solutions at the appropriate time to improve performance.

Get Started with Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Once the setup is successful and functioning correctly, launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform may be a lucrative and successful venture. However, to build this cryptocurrency exchange, developers must consider a wide range of factors and establish a comprehensive project development strategy. 

If you're looking to invest in cryptocurrency exchange platform development, you'll require a group of crypto-savvy software specialists. Suffescom Solutions INC, a blockchain development company, offers a team of experts with extensive experience in producing various crypto solutions for domestic and international clients. When developing a cryptocurrency solution, we consider our clients' needs.

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