Types Of Stairlift Service in Rockville and Towson, MD

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on July 7th, 2022

Aging in place is something that most people look forward to. Unfortunately, life thus becomes difficult as the ages advance, with multiple physical problems and health issues surfacing one after the other. Mobility is often compromised, forcing most homeowners to remain confined to a single floor within their homes or shift to another compact house for good. One does not have to give up living at home. On the contrary, life can improve drastically with total use of the home guaranteed with the installation of a quality stairlift.

It is essential to remain informed about the stair lifts along with the various pros and cons. Any mechanical device is prone to wear and tear and must be well maintained to remain fully functional. There may be certain problems apparent with the usage of the stairlift even after it has been maintained thoroughly. Some of the issues can be fixed by the user effortlessly. Others may require contacting an experienced technician to undertake the Sterling stairlift repair in Herndon and Reston, VA.

Some of the indications that warrant a professional repair instead of a quick DIY fix include the following:

A stairlift that is too slow in moving up and down demands a professional inspection. Stalling in the middle of the rails or stopping in the middle provides a cause to be concerned about. An unusually slow movement indicates that it is time to replace the batteries. It would be foolhardy to do it singlehandedly, though. Using the services of a professional technician and have the staircase up to speed and moving as needed.

Most staircases, especially the branded ones, happen to be robust and can undergo a lot of wear and tear before they reveal signs of damage. It would not do to ignore the obvious signs of decay and damage, such as a worn-out seat or broken/cracked part. While the stairlift may remain functional, it poses a substantial risk to the user's safety. It is advisable to connect with a seasoned technician and get the damaged components repaired or replaced at the earliest.

Hearing a beeping noise is yet another cause for alarm. It would not be right to panic, though. It is best to remember that the beeping sound is an alert the device sends out. The underlying reason for the beep may be varied. The end-user can go through the manual and check for the alert signals, thus obtaining insight into the real problem. The actual problem may be as innocuous as the lack of electric power too. It is best to check the power source and ascertain that all is right before calling for repairs.

Another severe issue that should never go unnoticed is exposed wiring. The first rule of maintaining a stairlift is to have it appear perfect. Exposed wiring is likely to result in accidents over time. Having the lift repaired or replaced is the only way to ensure functionality.

It is essential to inquire about the provision of stairlift service in Rockville and Towson, MD, before having it installed by the dealer.

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