Importance of Stairlift Service in King of Prussia and Doylestown, PA

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on July 7th, 2022

Moving up and down the stairs with a disability becomes impossible. The same difficulty is observed in people of advanced years who tend to become weak with their mobility compromised to a great extent. Using a mobility aid to move around in such circumstances is essential. Most older adults go ahead and install a quality stairlift within their multi-storied homes as well. While it is essential to check for quality and invest in one of the top brands available in one’s vicinity, it helps to pay attention to Sterling stairlift maintenance in West Chester and King of Prussia, PA alongside.

The prospective user needs to be aware of the mechanical device before deciding to use it extensively. It is helpful to learn that this mechanical device is powered by electricity and has to be plugged into an outlet. It consists of batteries to overcome power issues as well. Finally, the concerned lift includes a seating area or sturdy yet comfortable seat that is attached to a rail fitted beside the stairway. The user can start and stop the stairlift by using the switch located on the armrest.

There is little doubt that the stairlift soon becomes an indispensable device used almost daily. Normal wear and tear are noted here in the same manner as in other devices. It is essential to follow the maintenance tips carefully to keep it in working condition and eliminate all associated safety risks.

Maintenance Tips

It is essential to go through the instruction manual carefully before attempting to use the stairlift. The color-coded alerts should be studied carefully with the seriousness of different alerts observed too. Moreover, it would help to have an annual maintenance contract in place so that the professional technicians take care f the nitty-gritty. This enables one to enjoy using the same stairlift for years without compromising safety while trying to reach the upper floor or the attic.

Some of the things that become a must-do for the individuals using the stairlift include:

Cleaning- It is essential to clean the stairlift thoroughly so that it remains fit for use. Accumulation of dirt and debris is a problem that may affect the normal functioning of the stairlift. It is therefore essential to clean the seat and related areas, including the rails, and wipe off the dust, dirt, and tiny particles.

Lubrication- It is equally important to keep the joints and rail fully lubricated to ensure easy operation. It is best to contact a professional to undertake this responsibility so that the stairlift is lubricated with the right product and poses no risks to the user.

Tightening- Multiple nuts and bolts are used to secure the stairlift to the rail and have various parts attached properly. It makes sense to check the screws carefully and tighten the loose ones as and when needed. The worn-out components must be replaced at the earliest too.

Getting in touch with the dealer and requesting the required stairlift service in King of Prussia and Doylestown, PA, is vital to keep the device functioning perfectly.

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