A Quick Guide on How to Design Flyers

Posted by Pratik Shah on July 8th, 2022

In the age of cutting-edge marketing strategies, flyers might seem primitive to many. But let me tell you flyers are saviors for small businesses. They are an impactful and cost-effective marketing tool to gain traction in a small geographic area. Flyers help to make a powerful first impression on the customers. It helps in breaking the ice and letting the customers know about the brand and services.

But how to design a top-notch flyer? If you are also troubled with this question, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss what are the key steps to designing a flyer that can fulfill your needs.

Find an Inspiration for Your Flyer

The first step to designing your flyer is to find inspiration for it. For this, you can do extensive research and have a look at several different kinds of flyers. You can also collect different types of flyers and examine them closely. You can find out various design elements that you liked or disliked. You can also search flyer designs online and find out which design style resonates with your design inspiration. To make things simpler, you can save various flyers whose designs you liked. You can also add notes mentioning exactly what and why you liked the flyer design. This will help you to zero down on your final flyer design.

Find a Design Professional for Your Flyer

Once you have finalized your flyer design, the next step is to hire a professional designer who can translate your design ideas into reality. For this, you have two options. First, you can hire a freelance designer to do the job. If you choose this option then you must ensure that the person is well-versed with an online flyer designer and has experience with the product design tool.

The second option is to start a flyer design contest. This will help you to get a large range of different flyer design ideas from across the world. You can choose either of the options, but remember that whoever you choose has a hands-on experience with any online flyer designer tool.

Evaluate Design Proposals

You found your design inspiration and hired the designers, and now the designs have started coming in. This is a crucial juncture as you have to cautiously check those designs against the brief that you gave to the designer. You can evaluate the design proposals with the following questions:

  • Does it contain all the crucial information?
  • Is the branding message clear?
  • Is the hierarchy of the message correct?

These questions will help you to stick to your objective criteria without getting carried away by some artistic creation that doesn’t add much value to the flyer.

Choose Your Final Design

Now, you have to choose a final design. Here, you need to ensure that the final design of your flyer can attract the right type of audience, communicate the message clearly, and encourages the audience to take a specific action. You can also conduct a survey to gather key feedback from your target audience. Once you have all the data, you can select the design that meets all your criteria.


After all this hard work, the last thing you want is a flyer is a big embarrassing typo. You can save yourself from this embarrassing fiasco by doing rigorous proofreading. You can also take the help of some other person who can look at your flyer from an objective perspective. Ensure that you are putting forward all the key information like the date of the event, website, address, etc.


The last thing to ensure is to get all the files that you need. For example, you will see your flyer designs on screen in RGB online. However, you will need CMYK to print. So, ensure that you have those files converted. If your flyer has photos, then those have to be in a high resolution. You will require at least 300 dpi of resolution for printing. If your design spans the edges of the paper, ensure that designer has kept a bleed. A bleed is just an extra design outside the desired size that can overcome any printing or cutting errors. That’s it! Your flyer is ready. Yes, it is that easy. Now, what are you waiting for? Find a designer who has the skills to operate an online flyer designer and a product design tool and design your flyer quickly and easily.

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