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Posted by Arslan Muzaffar on July 8th, 2022

In 2022, higher education in Poland is not difficult: universities in Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, and other cities in the country offer preferential admission for foreign nationals. The European Diploma allows the graduate to find a job in the EU, which means professional development and a higher standard of living.

Why Poland?

Pakistan applicants do not choose Poland by chance: regionally, the country is closer to other European countries, and the cost of education here is lower than Sorbonne or Yale: from 1,000 euros per semester, more than Polish state academies. Reach more. . 2-2.5 thousand euros. The quality of education is very high, Polish institutions of higher learning are among the oldest in Europe, and centuries-old traditions have shaped the prestige of Polish university graduates.

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The proximity of languages ​​also plays an important role in education: English -speaking students soon begin to understand Kosciusko and Copernicus. After language courses are conducted at leading educational institutions in Poland, Slavs will be able to speak Polish, of course, subject to the diligent performance of their duties. Courses cost from 200 to 400 euros.

Therefore, in 2022 Poland is a priority area of ​​study abroad for Pakistan, who want to get a European degree and make a successful career in international business.

Free higher education in Poland

Each Polish university allocates a certain number of free seats to foreign applicants who submit several documents for the degree competition. Other opportunities to get a free internship at a local university are:

Polo Card 

A certificate is issued to foreigners of Polish descent who prefer to study for free in Poland.

Residence cards 

are issued to foreign guests who have obtained a residence permit.

Fluency in Polish, 

certified by a C1 Level Language Certificate, is also the basis of free education in Polish universities.

There is another way to get a free European diploma in Poland: you must first graduate from a police school, which is similar to a Pakistan technical school. Having mastered the working profession, it is easy to get a university education in the relevant specialty. For example, with a diploma in Travel Agent, you can easily become a student in the Faculty of Tourism. By the way, free educational programs are also offered to those who want to study in police academies.

How to apply to a university in Poland

To deal directly with design in the spring, it is wise to choose a higher education institution and prepare documents in advance for the winter. In short, the algorithm of actions looks like this:

  • Preparation of documents, translation into Polish, notification, and registration of applications in apostolic selected universities;

  • After receiving a positive response, you must contact the Polish Embassy to obtain a student visa (related to Pakistan citizens who visit the neighboring country under the visa-free system);

  • Upon arrival in Poland, contact the local authorities to apply for a residence permit - the status is extended each year for the duration of your studies at the university.

Part of the hassle may be assigned to a specialized agency, whose employees will prepare and send documents, for example, to help you obtain a visa, and give detailed advice on current issues, including tariffs and mobile operators. Product prices.

To enter Poland to study, a prospective student will need to declare the amount to stay in the first year - 4-5 thousand euros. Student fees range from 250 to 400 euros a month, which includes accommodation costs, food, transportation and some visits to museums or cinemas. Students are allowed to earn extra money in their spare time, and paid internships with commercial companies are offered, so that young people can pay for their second year of study themselves.

where do you study

Higher education in Poland is offered in all modern fields of study: technical, economic, or humanitarian fields, students are also looking for internships for students or part-time work in a local or international company. This algorithm of actions allows students to find a job in a well-known company with a promising career and promising European salary levels.

Graduates of the following Polish universities have established themselves in the European labor market:

  • Warsaw Polytechnic Universities, Gdansk, Lublin, Rokla, ód;

  • Jagiellonian University in Krakow - the country's oldest university, teaches 127 majors in 15 faculties.

  • Pozna Banking University, Katowice University of Economics, Warsaw Vistola Academy of Finance and Business, and Rokla Higher College of Banking are prominent educational institutions for training workers in economics.

  • The Academy of Arts is named after the AF. Modrzewski Krakow and Wroclaw Academy of Music are cultural and artistic figures.

  • The university is named after M. Sklodowska-Curie in Lublin and the University of Torun is named after N. Copernicus. What

Alumni of the University of Silesia, Ballistic University of Technology, Medical University of Lublin, etc. in Katowice. It is also cited in European merchants. - There are 80 institutions of higher learning in Poland, where the level of education and organization of student life is constantly increasing. The duration of the educational process is 3 years for Bachelor's degree, 2 years for a Master's degree, and 2-4 more years for a Doctorate. Other higher education is available to university graduates with a bachelor's or master's degree, a certificate of competency is issued, and the duration of study is 1.5-2 years.



As mentioned, the cost of education in Polish universities starts from 1-1.5 thousand Euros per semester. The level of the cost depends on the private educational institution and the specialty chosen, but there are also many free and preferential scholarship programs for foreign applicants for higher education in Poland.

Other higher education is paid within the same limits, the minimum cost is PLN 3000 per semester, and the maximum PLN is 12000 per full course.

Strong Polish universities have created opportunities for young people in Pakistan to pursue quality education in Europe, and many of them have already taken advantage of this opportunity.


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