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Posted by Doubleklick Designs on July 9th, 2022

If you have some website design experience and want to earn some decent money, you can try to act as an IT outsourcing partner. Learn more about what you need to know and how to get started.

Why Web Design and Development Company in USA?

Hiring a Web design and development company in USA help keep prices at least 3-5 times lower. for example, a website development company in the United States has an average hourly rate of -75; In the UK - -50, in Ukraine - -20.

How does it work?

A typical plan looks like this:

You find a client who needs a website, ask about their requirements for the project and send them to your United States partner company.

The partner makes an offer and gives you an estimate of the project based on their hourly rate, eg. eg. €10.

You can (and can do - given the competition in your area, demand for web design services and other marketing factors) to increase the hourly rate to as much as /hour, say /hour, and send the quote to the client . So if the web design project is estimated at 50 man hours, charge the client 00, of which you pay 0 to your usa partner company and 00 is your profit.

The partner company edits the project and delivers it to you along with the copyright of the work.

They deliver the website to the customer.

Result - You have a satisfied customer and benefit from the increased price.

How to start

The first and foremost step is to analyze the market in your area and decide whether this business is worth starting.

If you already have your own web design company, it's easier for you because you already know the market situation, get some reputation, keep a list of clients, etc.

But if you are new to the web design business then fear not. Believe in yourself and work hard and eventually you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Like any type of business, starting with the web design field, you need to ask yourself common marketing questions:

1. Who will be your customers?

2. Why exactly do they ask you for web design services?

3. Where and how do they hear about you?

You should not do anything without a clear answer to these questions.

The second step is to find a trusted and reliable partner - website development company in USA - to act as the "growth center" for your business. This company must have good experience in web design and development, a good reputation, the highest level of customer service and communication. There are many resources on the Internet where you can find the necessary information - search engines, web design directories, outsourcing portals.

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