The Advantages of Being Treated At Home

Posted by Health Heal on July 10th, 2022

Indeed, you feel better with loved ones rather than in a hospital room. It's nice to be at home while enjoying the best care in terms of care. Moreover, recovery is faster in a familiar environment. Here are the benefits of ICU Care at home services.

Why use ICU Care at home services?

Being able to stay at home is important for people who need care. For the elderly, autonomy is essential despite treatment. Nearly 80% of patients want to stay at home. The main argument is that home hospitalization avoids stress for the patient and the family.

Indeed, it is difficult for the family always to be present when their loved one is in the hospital. While at home, maintaining treatment is simpler. The patient also feels more serene in a familiar environment. ICU Care at home complies with the care plan put in place by the practitioners.

The home care service improves patients' quality of life, especially if they suffer from diseases that are difficult to manage, such as Parkinson's or cancer. The family can count on the caregiver to ensure better monitoring of the state of health of their loved one. This is essential to have peace of mind because the patient is in good hands. Regarding the medical treatment part, it is possible to use a dedicated platform to manage the pharmacy.

A home nurse for more specific help

If the client needs more specialized care, the supervision of a nurse is strongly recommended or even mandatory.

• Respirator care,

• Help with wound care,

• Respiratory treatments for people with COPD and asthma,

• Administration of medications, including injections and intravenous medications, as needed,

• Care of feeding tubes and NG tubes.

Home care: is it effective?

Anyone can benefit from a home care service. It is recommended when you want the patient to recover quickly in a less stressful environment. It must be said that the care provided at home is the same as in the hospital environment. But, hospitalization at home is more advantageous. It is more pleasant despite the treatments. Nothing like being at home. It helps to feel good.

At home, it is possible to maintain various social ties. The familiar living environment is pleasant, and relatives can visit anytime. Home care allows you to preserve your privacy and isolate yourself if you need solitude.

The patient can eat what he wants, provided he respects a good nutritional balance. He can resort to other personal care services such as physiotherapy. Generally, recovery is faster for people who choose to seek treatment at home. In the case of post-hospitalization care, the fact of caring for oneself at home makes it possible to avoid readmission to the hospital.

The nurse's aide offers better care by considering the treatments essential to the patient's recovery. It avoids negligence because the patient may omit to take his medicine. She even accompanies the patient to appointments with a specialist. Using home care services is an excellent option for controlling your daily life. This guarantees respect for human life.

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