What is the next step If I get KLM flight is cancelled?

Posted by David Watson on July 10th, 2022

 However, there are instances when the airline is unable to arrive on the planned date. In such instances, passengers must be aware of KLM airline cancellation policy as outlined below.

KLM flight cancellation policy

  • If your flight was cancelled due to KLM airlines, then there are specific rules and conditions that are applicable to the ticket. They are listed below:

  • Passengers can alter their date of travel before and up to 30 days after no additional cost in accordance with the KLM cancellation policy of the airline. However, if you go over the time limit for booking the flight within the time period specified you will be charged the difference in price.

  • In the event that your trip was cancelled on KLM airlines on behalf of KLM airlines, you're entitled to change your flight to another location without cost.

  • All new bookings for flights are subject to availability at the KLM airlines.

  • If you want to cancel your flight which was already cancelled by the airline You can request a reimbursement in the form of an unused travel voucher for one year.

  • Customers can apply for the travel voucher on the website for official Kerala airlines as well as call centers for the KLM airlines' official KLM airline customer service.

  • The travel vouchers may changed into refunds.

What is the reason KLM cancelling flights?

There could be many reasons behind your flights being cancelled by KLM airlines. The reason could be due to health issues of passengers in the current situation that affects us all worldwide or due to unavoidable emergencies. In such instances those who suffer the consequences of having their flight cancelled will be informed in advance by the KLM airline officials, to give you the opportunity to change your flight on a different date.

What is the cost for KLM in order to cancel your flight?

Passengers traveling on KLM airlines should be aware that there isn't any additional charge for the reservation which is cancelled within the risk-free 24-hour cancellation timeframe of KLM airlines. If you do not change your mind about the KLM flights within the 24 hour grace period the cost of USD 100-0 is imposed according to the conditions and rules that are part of KLM airlines cancellation policies. Customers can make a request for cancellation on the official site or by contacting the assistance from the service executives from KLM airlines. The price of cancelling your ticket with KLM airlines is based on variables like cancellation date as well as the amount of time left to depart the flight, ticket type, route as well as the condition of the ticket and the cabin.

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