Hypergryph- The Great Ark : Endfield Released For The First Time Globally

Posted by Hypergryph Network Technology Co. Ltd on July 11th, 2022

Hypergryph announced on the 18th that it had released game information for the first time in the world for the new 3D real-time strategy RPG 명일 방주: Endfield being developed by its development studio, Mountain Contour.

Ark of the Masters: Endfield, which was released this time, is 명 하이퍼 그리프 's third self-developed work following 'Ark of the Great' and 'Ex Astris'.

As Hypergryph showed off its strong development power and enormous potential through games such as 'Ark of the Great', it is expected that the interest of global gamers will be concentrated on this new game.

In particular, they share the worldview of 'Ark of the  Myungil ' but have a completely independent new storyline, characters, and content.

The story begins on a planet called 'Talos II' that has not been reached by civilization, and the user is tasked with pioneering and conquering Talos II with his team members in 'Endfield Industries and restoring lost technology.

In particular, you can unlock new stories and various stages through various missions, and you can control multiple characters at the same time by combining RPG play with the latest strategic battle method.

In addition, you can experience a real-time strategy game realized in 3D by fighting various factions and various types of monsters in the course of the game story.

'Ark of the Myeong-il: Endfield' is currently in an early stage of development, and is putting great effort into capturing more possibilities in the game, such as concept design, artistic expression, and play content.

In addition, it is under development with the goal of releasing a global multilingual version and is preparing to enjoy it on mobile and PC platforms. For further more details please visit our website.

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