The biggest update OSRS has ever received

Posted by lowes Emily on July 11th, 2022

I am really impressed by the main idea behind the skill as well as the way in OSRS gold you've approached your training techniques. The fighting looks great and the game loop appears to be well-thought out. This is a complicated idea, but there are numerous things to consider, some of which are rather large.

There's too much in one update there. It would be by far the biggest update OSRS has ever received. With this many features and complex, polling is tough. I would like to see a poll would be split into pieces for something like this.

Obsidian and granite are craftable pickaxes and axes that I'm not a big fan of, particularly because pickaxes for dragons come with some degree of difficulty attached to obtaining these. I'm also not a fan of buffs for songs - to me, they promote an extremely bizarre style of play, in which you must do lots of moving around in order to cut the trees.

This influence mechanism is very cool and I am impressed with how it works.

Echos are awesome, but do I understand correctly they're like shooting stars , or implings in that they randomly will appear in your gameplay?

The ancient hymns are way too complex and pose difficulties. The first is that they offer you decreasingly interesting rewards from level 75-99. How excited are you going to be at the 22nd hymn, if it's one of your last choice? This is a complete Relic system that includes the possibility of relic regret too. Training a whole level to fix a mistake doesn't sound fun. While storing pieces of the puzzle in your account that you aren't able to perform any action until you've completed them sounds a little annoying (although it's previously been done with things such as dark totems, brimstone rings). I would vote no on this method completely.

The raid being only unlocked at level 80 is extremely high. Tempoross and Wintertodt both required a substantial amount of dev time for bosses which only touched on one skill, so asking for a highly complex Bard-only raid with 5 bosses is an enormous time drain, and IMO could be better utilized to improve other game areas. For the moment, at least, musical battles are a complicated and engaging enough gameplay that I don't think that you require the need for a raid.

Overall, I really enjoy it. I recall when you first presented your bard idea, my favorite aspect was that OSRS GP is the most obvious to me out of any skill I've seen - it's certainly medieval, and it's distinctive and can't be played as an'minigame, etc. It's definitely the kind of skill I'd like to see the most but maybe with less complexity to it.

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