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Posted by instantcharge on July 11th, 2022

Global Payment Online Provides Shortcut To Your Online Business Growth

The global world keeps flowing by global payment gateways. And payment gateways allow customers to make fast, and flexible. And it also helps in accepting online global payments and securing payments online with a reliable system.

In this blog, I will take you through the ins and outs of a global payment gateway. And we will discuss its contribution to moving your business towards success and accepting global payment online.

What Is a Global Payment Gateway?

A global payment gateway accesses and transfers payment data. It performs this process from a customer to the payment acquirer.

It verifies the customer’s card details securely to check if the transaction amount is available or not.


And to increase security, the payment gateway encrypts customer data. So, credit card data is confidential and transmits safely from the consumer to the acquiring bank. And then they will reach you finally. The payment gateway is usually a door between a customer and your merchant account in the process of accepting global payments online.

Because it is part of international payment methods. And that is available for businesses and customers.

What You Will Have To Understand About Global Merchant Accounts?

If you are reading about accepting global payments online with the help of global payment gateways. You will surely come across the term merchant account. So what does it mean and how does it work for you?

You will get a global payment online Poland from an international PSP (Payment Service Provider). High-standard banks may also provide you with a merchant account.

Because a merchant account and a payment gateway are not the same things. But you will have to get both of them for accepting payments from your customers. Here are the differences.

  • Merchant Account. It is a type of account where funds are held before being deposited in your account.
  • Payment Gateway. The global payment gateway authorizes or rejects an online transaction.

So a merchant account is a bank account that allows customers to receive payments. But don’t think that this is a business bank account. It is just a place where funds are deposited. And merchant providers have some strict financial regulations to follow. So InstantCharge’s gateways will also allow you for international and multi-currency accounts.

By having a merchant account. You can accept payments from all over the world and in different currencies.

What Is The Global Payment Method?

Global payments are a pack of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

And by having all of them, as a merchant, you can process and manage your transactions with APMs (Alternative Payment Methods).

And these alternative payment methods for global payment services comprise.

  • eCash
  • Net banking.
  • Direct Debit.
  • Digital wallets.
  • BNPL (buy-now-pay-later).
  • In-app payments.

All these payment methods are different from traditional payment methods. Like paper cash or via debit/credit card.

And thanks to the digital era, these alternative methods are highly secure and available. And that allows global transactions across previous unreachable zones. Moreover, that will help you to grow your business by taking global payments online.

How Does a Global Payment Gateway Function?

A global payments gateway performs these steps. And that allows a customer to complete a transaction.

A customer chooses the product or service they need. And that takes them to the checkout where they will need to enter their payment details.

  • As it is an online order. So the details are encrypted and then sent to your website server.
  • Then the encrypted data is then forwarded to the payment gateway.
  • And at that point, the transaction details are sent to your bank and then sent to your card association (as visa, MasterCard).
  • And then the bank receives this information and performs some security and fund checks.
  • The bank then forwards the information to the payment gateway. And that sends the data to your website.
  • And on the website, the data is processed and then sent back to you and the customer.
  • After checking if the funds are available. The funds are transferred and the transaction is complete.
  • And that will take place in around four to five seconds for local or international payments.
  • And it is an ultra-fast method that allows eCommerce businesses to grow in the digital era.

Which Is The Best Global Payment Gateway?

It depends on your business requirements and what you want to provide to your customers.

Most of the best payment gateways will allow your customers to securely pay on your website. Because they also offer a trustworthy user experience.

You will have to look toward these factors when going to choose a payment gateway. You will need a global payment gateway platform that offers you.

  • Reassurance for customers when they are going to purchase anything online.
  • Flexible payment plans according to your business’ budget
  • High-security standards.
  • Fulfill local, and international financial limits.
  • It helps in scaling up the opportunities internationally.
  • Trust international buyers who are using your store.
  • You can be able to deal globally.
  • InstantCharge delivers in all regions for your business. So let us explain how you will take advantage of increasing your sales.

How Does Instantcharge Support You In Your Business?

You can save time with an easy integration process by using InstantCharge. And with no need for coding experience. Because our platform will provide you with an excellent online checkout. So it is simple to set up and provide your business with these features.

  • Our platform helps you to generate the PAY buttons, where you only have to copy and paste HTML into your website.
  • Multi-currency payment processing.
  • Integration of our popular checkout page on your site. So that we can take care of your customer’s transactions.
  • Setup recurring billing payments with our subscriptions.
  • Secure payment processing
  • Exclusive business features
  • It provides an increment in your revenue.

You can also find InstantCharge’s pricing plans to see the charges applied. Because the fees may differ according to your business type. But we ensure you in improving the ROI of your business.

Why Prefer Instantcharge?

Let’s try InstantCharge once and take benefit of a global payment gateway that will help in expanding your business and accepting global payment online.

It is the correct area with many online payment solutions. If you have any issues regarding a global payment gateway? Please ask and feel free to reach us. Our payment solution support team will consistently be there for you.


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