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Posted by Poon on July 11th, 2022

If you want to treat your family to a special meal or try something new, the eateries in Dubai are well worth the money and time. Many well-known eateries serve delicious and authentic Thai buffets. Most foodies seek out Thai cuisine because of its international reputation. The menu includes a wide range of foods, and the exceptional customer service assures guests delight.

Although Thai cuisine has been inspired by Southeast Asian food, it still stands out. It requires skill to balance the five main flavors of sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and spicy in Thai cuisine. As a result, no Thai food is ever boring, rather carrying a punch to your taste buds. Thai curries, Salad, Thai noodles, Soups, and Satay are just a few popular Thai cuisines.

The traditional Thai buffet contains the following items:

  • Satay Chicken

This Thai appetizer is a staple and simply delicious, which is served with a peanut sauce. If you like chicken, it is a delightful treat for you.

  • Tom Yum soup

The spicy Thai soup is known as Tom Yum soup. Mushrooms and Thai spices are used in the     vegetarian version. You can enjoy it as a simple soup with a bundle of Thai flavors.

  • Thai Pad 

Pad Thai is a fried noodle dish popular in Thailand as a street meal. Tofu, eggs, beansprouts, and sauces are delightfully intertwined in flat noodles.

  • Green Thai Chicken Curry

Onions, lime, basil, and an aromatic Thai green curry paste are cooked with chicken in coconut milk. This Thai green curry will tempt you if you like coconut in your food.

  • Som Tam

Som Tam is a raw papaya salad with sour, spicy, sweet, and salty ingredients. This salad is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat as it is a great bundle of flavors.

  • Thai Green Curry with Fish

Freshly prepared Thai green curry paste and aromatic herbs are cooked with fish fillets in coconut milk. Steamed rice is the best addition to this curry. One can also add vegetables as it goes well with many veggies.

  • Khao Klukh Krapi

The traditional Thai fried rice Khao Klukh Krapi is cooked with shrimp paste, garlic, lemon, prawns, and cucumbers. It's a unique dish that may be served for any celebration.

  • Massaman Curry

Chicken is cooked in a coconut curry sauce with tamarind, potatoes, and an aromatic massaman curry paste. Get ready for a flavor explosion with this Thai curry, created with various flavors.

  • Sticky rice with mango

The most popular dessert at a Thai buffet is undoubtedly mango sticky rice. Freshly sliced chilled mangos are served over steaming sticky rice. After that, the mixture is bathed in thick coconut milk.

  • Sticky rice and banana leaves

Sweet coconut milk, sugar, black beans, and sticky rice are stuffed into a banana leaf to make a delicious treat. It's a terrific treat to enjoy on the go because of the banana leaf wrapper.

Lastly, the unlimited dimsum has a unique balance: it is light, healthful, sweetly aromatic, and full of vegetables. Thus, many people consider it the most delectable cuisine on the globe.

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