How to Perform a Unity Candle Ceremony for the New York Celebrant

Posted by Nautical Wedding Bells on July 11th, 2022

The unity candle ceremony symbolizes the physical union of two distinct personalities in a devoted partnership. It is a popular and beautiful ritual conducted by NY wedding celebrant also symbolizing the blending of two families. It becomes all so more special when meaningful elders and children of the family participate.

If you are a new NY wedding celebrant or have an unusual venue to organize a unity candle ceremony, then you must be ready in advance for it. We list supplies, set up, rehearsal, and delivery, all here for a perfect unity candle ceremony.

So, Let us Start with the unity candle ceremony basics:

  • The wedding couple must light two candles, one for each partner. There are many ways to light the candle. The candles might already be lit at the start of the ceremony, or two family members might light the candles to pass down to the couple. The Nautical Wedding Officiant can also light the candle to start the ceremony. 
  • The New York Celebrant could then talk about the meaning of the two candles and what they represent. He also talks about the symbolism of two flames joining as one. Once his speech is completed, the officiant asks the couple to light the third candle together.
  • It's time for the couple to light the third candle together using the two smaller candles. The third candle is called the “unity candle”. It is unlike lighting two separate candles in the first step.
  • The couple will place the two smaller candles back in place in their holders and are usually left burning.

Supplies required for the unity candle ceremony 

The Nautical Wedding Officiant must ensure that all the supplies are ready before the start of the ceremony. Usually, it is the couple’s responsibility to arrange the supplies, but the officiant has to be proactive to keep things ready on time.

  • Two small candles with candle holders are required, but if you want to include kids, parents, or close friends to be part of the ceremony you can arrange more candles.
  • Arrange for a larger decorative candle also called a unity candle with a candle holder
  • A lighter or matches for lighting up the candles 
  • A table or sturdy stand to place candles and decorations
  • Choose low smoke or clean-burning candles for indoor ceremonies

Let us look at the Set Up now

  • The smaller candles for the ceremony must be placed on either end of the table
  • The table should be of an appropriate height, so the partners need not bend too much to light candles 
  • You can decorate the table with flowers, herbs, crystals, framed photos of family members, etc.

What about table placement?

There are diverse ways to place the table for the unity ceremony 

  • Off to the side: Choose the spot where the couple can easily walk by
  • Close to the audience: So, the audiences have a better look at the ceremony  
  • Behind the Nautical Wedding Officiant: This is the most popular placement as the couple doesn’t have to move much  

If you are looking to include a candle unity ceremony in your wedding, let your Nautical Wedding Officiant take the responsibilities to guide you at each step. Nautical Wedding Bells is a reputed NY wedding celebrant with expertise in conducting fantastic marriage ceremonies in the air, land, and sea. It has been officiating different wedding ceremonies for twenty years. For more information about the Nautical Wedding Officiant and its services, contact the experts at Nautical Wedding Bells.

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