Why are Plastic Business Cards Still Important for Your Business?

Posted by Steve Morgan on July 11th, 2022

Business cards have been around for the longest time. They help with the growth of your brand. The primary purpose of a business card is to share your contact details and make it easier for your customers or clients to get in touch with you whenever they require their service.

Today, most plastic business cards are used to share information and make a great first impression. The first few minutes of interacting with your potential customers and clients are important. Surely, you want to take advantage of this brief encounter. Having a professional-looking business card helps in improving brand image.

If you are still not sure, take a look at the benefits it has to offer.

1.  Cost-Effective Way to Promote the Business

Business cards when ordered in bulk can help you save a lot of money. The number of business cards you print is flexible. It varies depending on how many you are going to use each day. For instance, if you are going to a trade show, you might have to print a few more than usual.

You can print in bulk to make sure employees are covered with client meetings and networking events.

2.  Tangible Promotional Material

People are the favorite promotional hard copy. It is something that your customers can hold and feel. Once you hand them out to the customers or clients you have met, you can see a rise in book sales.

When you are choosing plastic business card printing, you are making sure that people are taking your brand back home. They can put them in their letter rack or pin them on the fridge. If you use a strong design, it becomes harder for your customers to throw them out.

3.  Easy to Display and Distribute

People these days are living their lives on their smart phones and laptops. But most of the time, a tangible business card will help when you are at a trade show with poor Wi-Fi or network. It can also be a great way to promote your plumbing business.

4.  More Visible than Emails

You can send emails to your customers. Not only does it look great but also helps in sharing key details about your brand. However, it can only help when your customers are opening it.

Square business cards tend to be more constant. It can remind your clients or customers about your brand. Sure, people are not going to look at it always but if they stick it to the fridge, the notice board, etc., you will be in the eye line more often.

5.  Leaves a Lasting Impression

A business card with a handshake implies more professionalism. It can help with networking. Having a business card will say a lot about your business. When you hand it over to your customer or client, it will show that your business is reliable. It can help in creating a lasting impression.

6.  Great for Exhibitions and Events

Trade shows and exhibitions give is the perfect place to promote your brand and create a contact base. These events can be ideal for meeting new contacts and improving sales. But often people consider whether to buy your product or service and take things further. This is where square business card printing can prove to be useful. Check that the cards have the contact details so that your customers can get in touch with you.

They take up zero space and will remind people about your brand.

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