How does mutual fund software helps distributors in streamlining your business processes

Posted by Wealth Elite on July 11th, 2022

As time passes the clients of Mutual Fund Distributors grow and after a time it becomes tough for distributors to handle and serve multiple clients at a time. For the execution of the firm’s operations, the distributors depend on other humans which gives birth to a raise in monthly fixed expenses and in such a scenario also the organization’s management task becomes more complicated.

Wealth Elite is a Mutual Fund Software for Distributors, provided by REDVision Technologies is the best choice for MFDs because it qualifies them to work with less dependency and furnish the business service on a large basis through the online KYC and onboarding process, online transactions, Online ATM and Multi-Asset Management options.

Effective Module of Wealth Management Software

  • Access a variety of reports in a click and 20+ Calculators for effective research.
  • Step-by-step Financial Planning while focusing on Income & Expenses, Goals & Liabilities, and Assets.
  • Ceaseless assessment of all family members’ portfolios.
  • Manage all clients effortlessly through the online medium.
  • Magnify AUM by promoting your ROBO Advisory app to reach more customers.
  • Instant completion of online transactions placed from any remote location.
  • Provide services to investors to invest in Mutual Fund Schemes and NPS.

The well-equipped mutual fund platform for distributors increases the chance of business expansion to a high extent and ensures the smooth working of organizational functions. Providing limited access to employees and advisors of the firm to the available options of platform and display of their work/ sales assist MFDs to safeguard the firm’s data as well as aid them keep an eye on the business.

On the whole, the easy approach to mutual fund distribution solutions grows MFDs’ working area comprehensively.  The constant updating of new features in the software keeps on providing the distributors with a competitive advantage to create a significant presence in the Mutual Fund sector.

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