Great People must Lead a Country

Posted by rezi diaz on July 11th, 2022

The state must present something great for every citizen. Human rights are also inherent in every citizen.

The state must also have absolute sovereignty that cannot be interfered with by any party.

Everything of course requires sacrifice because it is a common goal. Of course you need a sufficient budget to keep the country stable.

The right leader is also one solution. The right leader can also consult with the team to address the problems facing the country.

You also fund the manufacture of military equipment to make it more sophisticated in the future. As long as it is not done in violation of the law.

Let's Understand this at first, What makes a man great? It’s not how important plutocrat he has, but what benefactions he has made to his people and community, to society. It’s about his liberality. It’s about his ideas, how he changed the world with them, how he made a difference, how he treats his people who need him at some point in time and numerous further. So, since a nation is nothing further than a collection of people living within a set of physical borders, we can measure the greatness of a nation in the same way. By the benefactions, they've done to their people, to the world, to humanity. And by their liberality, how their ideas have served the mortal race, how a nation treats its poorest and weakest people who earn and anticipate good support from their nation. And like these, there are so numerous factors which contribute to creating a great nation.


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