Hire Professionals to Tune up Air Conditioning in Greenville and Goldsboro, North Carolina

Posted by comfortmasternc on July 11th, 2022

Keeping an air conditioning system in good working order is essential to maintaining a comfortable home environment. A faulty system not only can be a source of discomfort, but it can also be a safety hazard. Besides, homeowners and other family members can be exposed to various allergens, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander.

With a little effort, an air conditioning system can be in excellent condition. On-time AC repair in Greenville and Goldsboro, North Carolina, can prevent major breakdowns. Additionally, it can reduce the amount of money spent on energy bills.

An air conditioning system is comprised of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and a fan. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas, which is then transferred to the condenser. The condenser cools the refrigerant and turns it into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant is then transferred to the evaporator, which cools the liquid refrigerant into a gas. The gas is then transferred to the fan, which pushes the refrigerant through the condenser and the evaporator. When the evaporator is working properly, the heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the air and is used to cool the air.

Considering the mechanism, it is recommended that each component of the system deserves special attention. Even though the fan is an essential part of the system, it is also the most vulnerable. The same holds for the condenser and other components of the system. In case any of them fails, the whole system will stop working.

Fan motor failure:

The fan motor can fail for different reasons. One of the most common reasons is the fact that the fan motor is not properly lubricated. In such cases, the fan will stop working. Another common reason is that the fan blades are not properly balanced. Having professional HVAC experts inspect the fan, and the motor is a good idea.

Condenser Breakdown:

The condenser is an essential part of the system. Usually, it is the part of the system that takes the most heat and is, therefore, the most vulnerable one. One of the most common reasons for the condenser to fail is a leak in the system. Other factors that cause damage to the condenser are the presence of too much moisture in the air and the presence of dust. A professional HVAC expert can help fix these problems by inspecting the condenser and other parts of the system.

Thermostat Failure:

A thermostat is a part of the HVAC system responsible for controlling the temperature inside the house. When the thermostat fails, the temperature inside the house will rise, and the house will become uncomfortable. This is a severe problem for the house owner. To prevent this problem, the thermostat should be inspected by a professional HVAC expert. Usually, the thermostat fails because it is not installed properly. The HVAC expert will be able to fix this problem by replacing the thermostat with a new one.

Poor Circuit Breaker or Fuse:

The circuit breaker or fuse is a part of the HVAC system that protects the house from overheating. If anything goes wrong with the circuit breaker or fuse, it can cause a fire in the house. Generally, it fails due to a short circuit. A short circuit occurs when too much current flows through the circuit breaker. Call an HVAC expert to diagnose and address the issue with the unit.

On-time repair and maintenance help keep the system in good condition, ensuring quality air conditioning in Greenville and Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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