What is the best diet to cut down your cholesterol?

Posted by Go Moringa on July 12th, 2022

Whether it is french fries, pizza or a chocolate cake, it is everyone’s best option for a cheat day or any ordinary day. Taste comes with its side-effects of high cholesterol and other harmful diseases. 

The liver is responsible for producing the waxy, fatty substance known as cholesterol. It plays an essential role in the production of cell membranes, vitamin D, and a variety of hormones. Since cholesterol does not dissolve in water, it is impossible for it to move independently through your body. It is sad to know that even youngsters of around 12 lakhs are victims of heart attacks in India. 

Leading Dietician in Gurgaon and in other cities plays a vital role to control this disastrous situation.

One can mark some key points to diminish the cholesterol from their bodies:

  1. It is no joke that smoking is injurious to health

Quitting smoking raises HDL cholesterol levels and improves overall health. The benefits are experienced almost immediately:

Both blood pressure and heart rate will normalize within twenty minutes of your last cigarette, reversing the increase that was caused by the cigarette.

And both the blood circulation and lung function will begin to improve approximately three months after your last cigarette.

You will have a risk of heart disease that is half that of a smoker within a year of giving up smoking.

  1. From every perspective vegetarian diet is best

When you choose your foods carefully, one of these three diets could do a lot of good for your cholesterol levels.

Vegetarians do not consume any form of meat in any way. Vegans abstain from eating any goods derived from animals, including meat, eggs, dairy products, and even honey.

According to certain studies, vegans have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well as high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that a diet consisting of few or no animal products generally has less total fat, less saturated fat, and less cholesterol.

But even if you decide to become a vegetarian or vegan, you should always read nutrition labels and limit your intake of foods that are high in sugar and fat.

  1. Workout for inner health of body

Improved cholesterol can be achieved with regular exercise. Increases in HDL cholesterol, the "good" cholesterol, can be aided by regular, moderate exercise. You can work up to 30 minutes of exercise multiple times a week, or 20 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity three times a week, with your doctor's permission.

  1. Do not take alcohol like water

Drinking in moderation may raise HDL cholesterol, however, the benefits aren't great enough to convince people who haven't tried it before.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is the best way to avoid overindulgence. For healthy people, this means no more than one drink a day for women of any age and men over 65, and up to two drinks per day for males under 65. High blood pressure, cardiac arrest, and strokes can all result from excessive alcohol consumption.

There are certain cases when changing daily routine does not help in making significant changes, here comes a superhero for such a problem called a “dietitian”

A dietician helps in pampering the body with healthy foods likewise a dietician in gurgaon and other big cities contributes their efforts to save people from diseases related to high cholesterol and others. GoMoringa is the existing savior that can be your frosting to your cake!

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